Tributes Continue For A.D. Hanna

Former Governor General and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Dion Hanna.

Former Governor General and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Dion Hanna.



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TRIBUTES continued to pour in yesterday from both sides of the political divide following the death of former Governor General and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Dion Hanna.

Former Governor General Sir Arthur A Foulkes said Mr Hanna’s death at 93 brought to a close a life spent in devoted service.

“His invaluable service was motivated by a passionate love of country, unbounded confidence in the potential of the Bahamian people, and full commitment to the cause of freedom and self-determination,” Sir Arthur said in a brief statement yesterday.

“For a period better measured in decades rather than years I was privileged to call him friend, and for some exciting years to have been a comrade with him in the struggle for the fullness of democracy in The Bahamas.”

“ His commitment to the independence of The Bahamas was early and unwavering.

“While we mourn his passing at this time, I trust that the people to whom he gave a full measure of service will long remember and celebrate the life of this great Bahamian.”

Mr Hanna, the father of long-time Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin, died at his home on Tuesday.

The Free National Movement also offered condolences to Mr Hanna’s family.

The FNM said Mr Hanna was a progressive Bahamian who truly believed in his people and was a major contributor to the push for Bahamian Independence and sparked the Bahamianisation movement.

“A patriotic Bahamian has gone to rest,” the governing party said. “We shall surely miss this giant of a man who loved and cared deeply for his Bahamas and its people. This is a loss of a true Bahamian patriot.”

The Progressive Liberal Party in Grand Bahama added that Mr Hanna was “a true statesman” and nation builder.

In a statement the five PLP candidates on Grand Bahama extended condolences to his daughter, Mrs Hanna Martin.

“A D Hanna has left an indelible mark on this country. He was a true statesman. There is no one more nationalistic than he was. His sacrifices indeed pointed toward making a better Bahamas,” they said.

Last night Mr Hanna’s family issued a statement thanking people for their tributes.

“Our family is deeply appreciative and most grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the Bahamian people during this most difficult period,” the statement read.

“We are privileged to have had such an honourable patriarch in our lives.

“We celebrate his life and the contributions he made to Nation Building.”

Mr Hanna was born in 1928, on Acklins Island and began his political career in the 1950s. He served as the representative for Ann’s Town from 1960 to 1992 and served in the Pindling Cabinet as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.

In February 2006, he was appointed Governor General by the then Prime Minister Perry Christie.


mandela 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Why is it that the history of our forefathers of the modern Bahamas and the likes are not taught in our schools, it is so sad that these giants of men and women are slowly being forgotten and images faded away while a piece of s$$t like Christopher the killer Columbus statue stands tall towering over the city of Nassau. Disgraceful.


K4C 9 months, 2 weeks ago

killer Columbus ?

Please tell me how is the Bahamas better off today ?

As I read the news it says thing could not be any worse from crime to lack of vaccines not to mention the same OLD has been intergroup minions seeking re-election


tribanon 9 months, 2 weeks ago

@mandela: Are you even aware that it was our forefathers, the leaders of some of the largest tribes in West Africa at the time, who rounded up many of our poor brothers, took their women, and then sold our brothers to the Spaniards for transportation to our region of the world as slaves? Perhaps you skipped class the day that piece of embarrassing history was taught and have not become too well read since then. A.D. Hanna often lamented the well documented historical facts evidencing that we were "sold out" by our own very greedy people (tribal leaders) back in West Africa.


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