A COMIC'S VIEW: The epidemic of fake news


I recently had a chance to have a candid and very informative conversation with Dr Duane Sands on ‘Talking Heads’ on Kiss 96 FM, a talk show I co-host with my better half Mary Jane, who you all know from mid-days on our sister station Y-98.

Sadly the biggest detractor in The Bahamas in the fight against COVID-19 is misinformation, “fake news” and most of all “conspiracy theories”.

I strongly implore to all of you to seek out the correct information, consult your physician and make a contentious choice to either get vaccinated or not.

Don’t be influenced by persons who are simply not qualified to speak on the matter, I don’t care how many YouTube videos on coronavirus they have watched.


DR Duane Sands testing out Bahamian-made hand sanitiser last year. The need for all those safety measures - distancing, sanitiser, wearing a mask - hasn’t gone away, so keep taking care out there.

We have barely vaccinated ten percent of the population.

Now, if one looks at the way this pandemic is moving globally, all the while regenerating into newer deadlier strains of the coronavirus, vaccinations now appear to be the best methods of survival.

The Bahamas will have about 83,000 doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer collectively by months end.

Let your conscience be your guide.

For those already vaccinated, continue to practice all the proper required social distancing protocols regardless.

Those of you that are not vaccinated practice the social distancing guidelines diligently and if you don’t have to go out stay at home.

Case numbers are skyrocketing so responsible decisions must be made by us all, the vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

This is not a time to politicise this pandemic nor share the “fake news” and “conspiracy theories” associated with it.

FYI, aspiring politicians, politicising the vaccination process disqualifies you in my book.

We have seen too many deaths related to this pandemic, our nation is too small and way too gullible to be taken advantage of for political mileage.

Here are a few “conspiracy theories” associated with COVID-19 that have been proven to be total hogwash.

‘COVID-19 was engineered by the media’

Some people think that the virus is a hoax designed and engineered by the media and global elite to control the population.

While a die-hard believer likely won’t believe us (aka the media), we’re just going to emphasise right here and right now that COVID-19 is very much a real and deadly virus.

The situation at PMH should serve as a sobering reminder.

’5G causes cancer and COVID-19’

Ready for another by-product of 2020 and the global pandemic?

The internet swarmed with misinformation that the wireless service was the cause of cancer and the spread of COVID-19.

This theory led to the destruction of some 5G towers, as people believed the powerful connection would kill them.

I fear stupidity will get some of the populous long before 5G ever has a chance to kill them.

Seeing how the “conspiracy theory” of Bill Gates inserting micro chips and all sorts of other ungodly things in his attempt for world dominance has died down, here is the latest on Gates’ next sinister plot!

’Bill Gates is making fake snow’

With extreme weather conditions occurring across the United States in 2021, TikTokers stoked the fires on a Bill Gates conspiracy theory that he was creating fake snow and ice that burbs instead of melting.

Spoiler alert: He wasn’t attempting to do anything of the sort.

(And I’m no Bill Gates defender, he’s rich enough to do that himself)


And just to remind you all how real “fake news” and “conspiracy theories” can seem, don’t forget these two famous cases that we all know are total horse manure.

Bigfoot is real.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, call it what you will, but many people are convinced the elusive creature exists.

For years, people have tried to hunt or track it down, resulting in videos and images often emerging of a tall, hairy animal walking upright.

With nothing confirmed to this day after several videos have been labeled and proven to be fakes.

Not to be outdone by “Bigfoot”, don’t forget this other legendary mythical creature whose legend will not die!

The Loch Ness Monster lives in Scotland.

Elusive in its nature, the Loch Ness Monster reportedly continues to live in the Scottish Loch Ness Lake and has captivated the public for centuries despite not having an official sighting in over 70 years and questionable old videos from the 1950s which continue to circulate almost comically these days.

Until next week, I’m off to catch some Chickcharneys. I hear they have the cure to COVID and heartburn!

Don’t be fooled my people, be guided.

Know better, do better!


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