Thompson: Please get vaccinated

STATE Minister for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson.

STATE Minister for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson.


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STATE Minister for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson is pleading with residents to get vaccinated, amid the surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations on Grand Bahama.

“I want to encourage members of the public, I am pleading with members of the public, that if you are not yet vaccinated, please take this opportunity and go to the Susan J Wallace Centre and become vaccinated,” he said yesterday.

COVID-19 hospital admissions have increased to over 30 last week in Grand Bahama, where hospital officials have reported bed shortages at the Rand Memorial Hospital. Last week, Dr Frank Bartlett, head of the COVID-19 Taskforce in Grand Bahama, had reported that people are coming to the hospital more sick and with poor outcomes, resulting in more deaths.

While attending the reopening of Solomon’s Lucaya, Minister Thompson indicated that the complete recovery of Grand Bahama is also dependent on how the island manages COVID-19.

“We cannot talk about enhancement of the economy or enhancement of GB without mentioning that we must continue to fight against COVID-19,” he said.

He noted that there have been interests in vaccinations on the island. The Susan J Wallace Centre is the only official vaccination centre in Grand Bahama, which has the second-highest population in the nation.

Minister Thompson added: “Go on the website. We know there are times when the website is challenging in terms of being able to book an appointment because of the added interest in persons wanting to become vaccinated, but there are walk-ins and they are taking walk-ins at the Susan J Wallace Centre.

“So, we are encouraging those who are not yet vaccinated, please go and get vaccinated. That is going to be the solution to us controlling COVID-19 in GB, and throughout the country."


JokeyJack 12 months ago

Another one who seems not to wanna talk about medicine for this disease. He claims people are dying, ok, so why not let them have medicine? Why only injections?


John 12 months ago

Appeals have gone out to governments around the world to stop mass vaccinations, at least in the manner it is being currently carried out. Because of being ‘under pressure’ from these mass vaccines, the corona virus is mutating and creating new strains, variants and combinations. And that is what is causing breakthrough cases in vaccinated people as well as the efficacy of the vaccines to decrease. The greatest fear right now is for a vaccine-resistant strain or mutation to develop. And if this happens vaccinated people will start getting sick (and dying) en masse. According to experts, this can also happen is several strains or variants enter a person’s body at the same time and ‘trick’ the body into attacking its own immune system. As mass vaccinations continue across the US, that country still continues to have at least four times the number of new cases than any other country. Only nine days after the new school year began, some 600 students in one school district had to be isolated for corona. Apparently the students showed symptoms of the virus after coming in contact with vaccinated teachers. Some students took the virus home to unvaccinated family members. And some teachers, vaccinated and unvaccinated across the US are resigning. They claim their jobs are no longer worth the risk. This as the US ponders vaccinating school age children, but only with parent’s consent.


killemwitdakno 12 months ago

Super Aids. Super TB. Super Flu.


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