Auditor General praise

EDITOR, The Tribune

I have total admiration of the Auditor General he is doing his Constitutional best to ensure Government and the governance of our finances are on the straight and narrow... he needs tripling of his staff or financial assistance where through his Office he may retain private sector Accountants to expedite a complete audit of Government in each fiscal year with no waiting...Minister of Finance if there is one thing we need is this.

The Auditor General’s statement that civil servants are obstructing and otherwise his work must come with the strongest disciplinary action against those who are obstructing...don’t spare the proverbial cane, Mr Auditor. Civil Servants if you have something to hide I suggest you admit and just leave.

The J&J some 20,000 could expire late December — on scientific advice essentially from J&J and Astra Zeneca as to the health safety of using the 20,000 J&J vaccines as boosters or number three shot between now and December 31st.

Remember the first tranche of the donated Astra coming from India was – 20,000.

Hon Fred Mitchell’s comment as to what goes on a Tuesday to Cabinet is exceptionally valid... a senior PS once told me the average items on the Agenda was 160-200 items some, as Minister Mitchell confirmed, as silly as approving a flight to Andros. For public’s interest only Ministry of Tourism and Ministry for Foreign Affairs handle their own money... the rest have to go through Cabinet, etc…

On the new Covid deviant — publicly we must thank the authorities of South Africa for being so upstanding and globally responsible by making the news of their scientists discovering this new variant....yes, South Africa got tarred by this with blockades bans, etc... but the world community must praise South Africa.... one hopes other states will follow suit in a similar event unlike what occurred with the first strain of COVID. Kudos South Africa!



December 2, 2021.


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