How to get infected in 3, 2, 1...

EDITOR, The Tribune.

When you flaunt basic disciplines and protocols of COVID what do you expect.....infection.

Check newspapers — social media and write the long list of identified persons who breached the wear mask protocol? Hundreds if not more. Dignitaries taking photo-opps everyone without a mask....vanity seems to over-ride the obvious.

With 150,000 plus only fully vaccinated the Bahamas is a killing ground for this new highly infectious Omnicom.....in our urban low social end residential areas how many are wearing masks? Very few and have done that for two years and somehow survived.

Oh, yes, we want to take that photo with the official – celebrity but you don't know where that celebrity-official or the others in the photo have been — are they negative? So you are wiling to take the risk?

Heed the Prime Minister, who should have followed his own protocols but then.... No excuses no excuses.

Avoid people who are not vaccinated......wear masks even in home and restrict visitors inside home to only those vaccinated and please wear masks.

RBPF COVID Ambassadors get your charging books out sharpen your pencils and smack the challenge into place.

For this onslaught of omicron to get vaccinated now might be a waste of time, but if you are not it's a start.....get your shot now.

Folks restrict where you go...avoid where obviously there are “visitors” there is a much higher chance regrettably they could be a carrier as we saw in the PM's case vaccinated PCR tested or not.



December 25, 2021.


ohdrap4 6 months, 1 week ago

The letter writer is seriously misinformed.


joeblow 6 months ago

...2 years of covid and people are still clueless! if you can smell anything through your mask (perfume, food, air fresheners etc) then that mask offers zero protection against covid.


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