Speaker Independence

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There has been so much fussing and fuming of late because House Speaker Halson Moultrie has decided to free himself of party affiliation and become independent of all political party control while he sits in the Speaker’s chair.

You must forgive my ignorance, but I thought that this was always the case after political parties became a part of our political system. If this were not so, then this — in the name of fairness, and sound politics — is what it should have been and should still be.

And if this is not what it was then, let us hope that Mr Moultrie has made a sound political move that will be embraced for the future.

Anyone who sits at the head of the House should be absolutely independent of any party once he is elevated to the chair with the mace of his authority in front of him.

I applaud Mr Moultrie’s decision. If what he has done is not what was once always done, then let’s pick up the pace and in the future have an independent Speaker of a politically divided House.


February 13, 2021


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