Bahamian Women Reveal Makeup Must-Haves


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Makeup hasn’t really been the focus for most women over the past year, given the fact that face masks have made putting on a full-face of cosmetics rather redundant. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our love for makeup, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t still must-have products, especially in skin care, that we’ve continued purchasing.

Tribune Woman decided to ask a number of Bahamian women about their beauty secrets.

“I have go-to makeup products for different reasons. For example, my everyday face, whether for work or a day’s outing, is the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in Matte + Poreless. This isn’t anything that is new on the market but it’s just as good as any high-end brand and it’s light, not heavy at all. With that, I wear the LA Girl Pro Conceal for my highlight, blend it all in and I am good to go with a light lip. It gives a natural look, but still serving face at the same time,” said Vanessa Johnson.

“Now for my go-to when it comes to beating my face, as they say in the makeup world, I’m a NARS and Fenty kinda girl. And you can’t go wrong with MAC either. I love makeup and having a love like this is not cheap, so I appreciate and value my makeup selections.”

Amanda Lewis said her all time favourite makeup product is her Beauty Blender. The young woman said she loves a good kabuki brush, but no foundation blends as smoothly as it does by using a Beauty Blender.

“I’ve invested in about ten, and I say invest because makeup products are not cheap. I try to pick up one every time I can get into a Sephora. Another favourite of mine is my MAC Prep + Prime Fix. For those that are not sure what it is, it’s like a spray mist used to keep your makeup set and in place after you’re all done with the application. I use it every day and it has never failed me yet. So that’s a quick beauty tip for others; my face stays on absolutely all day,” said Amanda.

For Christina Deal, one of her favourite and most relaxing things to do after a long day is an elaborate skin care routine.

“I love makeup, but it’s the skin care for me. My skin is very funny when it comes to makeup. Every time I fall in love with a brand, over a period of time I find out the brand is not for me. I’ve given away so many expensive products in the past to my friends because my face would break out in pimples. I’ve recently got into the Estée Lauder foundation and that so far is working. Other than that, a good cleanse, exfoliation and moisturiser are my go-to makeup habits these days. You know what it is to wear a bare, clean face and have people compliment you on how smooth your natural glow is? It’s magical, ”said Christina.

Social media has become a great place to find various beauty tips and hacks. There is advice on the web even by some of our favourite celebrities. Let’s take actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who just recently launched her very own skincare line based off the love she has received over the years regarding her glowing skin.

The 51-year-old believes her skin looks as good as it does because of good genes, and her constant use of SPF, olive oil, washing her face after workouts, never sleeping in her makeup, and just simply taking good care of her.


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