Businesses Report Mixed 2021 Start


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Bahamian businesses yesterday reported a mixed performance to 2021 to-date as they and the wider economy continue to grapple with the devastation inflicted by COVID-19.

With many companies anticipating a pick-up in demand when the tourism industry re-opens, and visitors return, Gary Wong, general manager of Wongs’ Rubber Stamp and Printing Company, told Tribune Business: “We are closing our office early these days, at about 3pm in the afternoon.

“Things seem to be picking up now, though. Normally the end of the year is a slow time for us.” He explained that the early part of the year was traditionally strong for his company, but does not believe business will return until all the hotels reopen and bring their workforce back.

Lilith Bostwick, general manager of Bahamas Office and School Supplies (BOSS), said the company was faring “pretty well" due to a steady business flow over the first two months of 2021.

"We usually get business around this time, so it is not typically slow. The bulk of our business is coming from our general office supplies services because we service a lot of the companies, like banks and also government ministries. They support us consistently all year," she said.

Amelio Garces, general manager of Bahamas Logistics Centre, said his company is doing “pretty good” and maintaining its customer base. He added: “I have a couple of requests for new business, but we have not closed any deals thus far. There are a few deals in the pipleline we are working on.”

Nadhae Morris, general manager for Sam’s Business Machines, said business was significantly slower than what it was last year. Sam’s Business Machines focus on office machine repairs, and services all industries from banking to insurance and hotels, but is “off by a lot". "While the early part of the year is slow, it is normally not this slow,” she added.


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