Eleuthera Woman Goes ‘Ohhhh Natural’ To Offer Bahamians Healthier Options


Menishca Barr makes her all-natural soap.


Tribune Features Reporter


A health scare in 2014 was what lead to Menishca Barr re-evaluting her life and deciding that she would be more aware of what she was putting in her body.

The health scare occurred when she found lumps in her breasts, which necessitated a biopsy to be carried out.

This led her to start the process of creating her own natural and healthy products for her household; everything from deodorants to face soaps.

“Luckily, the lumps did not show any malignancy, but this also caused me to become more conscious of what I was putting into or on to my body, especially my deodorant. I started out with making deodorants for my family and they have proven to be very effective. I started to share the products with family and friends, and they encouraged me to move to them on a larger scale or promote where I can actually sell the items,” she told Tribune Woman.

Her former business, Shallow Seas Scenstsations, turned into Ohhhh Natural at that point.

Items like insect repellent, shampoo, dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent which she had been making primarily for her own household became more and more requested by others, who encouraged Menishca produce on a larger scale.

“As far as health benefits are concerned, all of our products are all-natural, with natural and organic ingredients. Some like to say that it’s so safe you can eat it because we have absolutely no chemicals in the products. For example, we know that the island of Eleuthera carries a heavy weight when it comes to breast cancer. Our deodorants do not contain any parabens, aluminum, or any other chemicals for that matter, that can contribute to the lymph nodes being blocked. With our deodorant you will sweat as you should, but not have an odour,” she said.

“While we carry an extensive line of soaps, we also have a focus on herbal soaps, namely: lemongrass, charcoal, moringa, lemon, carrot, lavender and oatmeal, which all have different properties that aid in the reduction of pimples, discolouration, dark spots and more.”

Also offered at Ohhhh Natural are products like body body butters, massage candles and aromatherapy oils.

The business is home-based with delivery options available throughout the islands of the Bahamas.

“I believe that a healthy conscious business like Ohhhh Natural is important to push in this country because cancer prevention is important, and we know that here in the Bahamas it is one of the leading causes of death,” said Menishca.

“When I started making my products there weren’t very many natural products available on the commercial scene locally made and those that were, were very expensive. I can remember my most memorable client experience: a baby who was having problems with a bad diaper rash. Our oatmeal soap made a huge difference according to her mom.”


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