Mitchell Slams Court Delays With 2013 Shooting Still Unresolved


PLP chairman Fred Mitchell.


Tribune Chief Reporter


SENATOR Fred Mitchell has raised concern about the time it takes for matters to close in the judicial system, noting how the trial into the killing of four Fox Hill residents in a 2013 mass shooting has still not reached resolution.

Claudezino Davis, Shaquille Demeritte, Eric Morrison and Shenique Sands were killed in the December 27, 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting at Freedom Park.

Several people were gathered in the area awaiting Junkanoo results at around 6pm when the incident occurred.

One of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene while several others were taken to hospital in private vehicles and an ambulance. Three later died in hospital of their injuries, according to earlier reports.

In the Senate yesterday, the former Fox Hill MP drew attention to the fact that years have passed and families still seek closure.

“I wish to remind the Attorney General of the case that happened, and I raise this because we were just on Freedom Park on Saturday,” Mr Mitchell said. “Rotary did a salute to peace on Saturday and the park was chosen because on the 27th of December 2013, four Fox Hillians were gunned down just after Christmas.

“It has now been going on eight years since that happened and we can’t get a trial and as I said there, they started a trial but due to the pandemic in August the trial stopped (in the middle) and now they have to start all over again.”

He continued: “Of course the farther away you go from the date the quality of evidence deteriorates and the issue is always that if you don’t have some resolution, this was a meeting about peace, if you don’t have some resolution some justice, there is not likely to be peace.

“So, I appeal to you to see if that matter can be brought on and some resolution be brought to that particular case for those four people who lost their lives in December on Freedom Park in Fox Hill.”

Three men have been charged in connection to the incident.

For his part, Attorney General Carl Bethel said the courts needed some anti-COVID-19 upgrades.

Mr Bethel said: “On this question of the Fox Hill matter and if I may say so jury trials have now resumed in the Supreme Court.

“Much effort was made by the learned chief justice to secure the plexiglass and just a week or so ago maybe two weeks, we’ve also approved additional finance funding for the full installation of plexiglass in all of the Magistrates’ Courts that are active.”

He said both New Providence and Grand Bahama courts were the focus as they saw a higher number of cases than those in the Family Islands.


John 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Just today there veered four shootings in that 24 hour period: and as the murder count climbs steadily to twenty in the first two months on the year, two things are certain: Firstly, more must be done to intervene in this culture of gun violence and murder in this country and steer young people away from it. It is no longer a problem of conflict resolution, but culture of murder that has wrapped its tentacles around the youth of this society and holding them with a tight grip. Secondly: someone or some part of government must find the intestinal fortitude to put capital punishment into effect, if only temporary and if only for a short time. Persons who insist on committing murder, cold blooded especially, must get the message that they can no longer take a life and the only consequences are to sit up in Fox Hill playing Domonioes for a few years, if even that, then come back into society, hoping there is no revenge or payback.


Dawes 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Like most things in this country our judiciary is close to, if not already has, collapsed. The only way you can ever hope to achieve justice is if you are connected (but then will this be actually justice). this is one of many reasons people have given up on the judiciary and either let it go or take matters into their own hands. If you believed the perpetrator of a crime would be caught and sentenced in a reasonable time you would have faith, if not you no longer believe in one of the most central pillars of a democracy. Anyway as i have often said we will need to go downhill more before we force the change we need.


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