Law Failure

EDITOR, The Tribune.

When a law enforcement officer only knows one small part of the law we are in trouble.

Doing a final clear out of my business on Bay Street today, I brought my truck to collect the last vestiges of 75 years in business. Although the block has at least four marked “LOADING ZONES” not one was available, because as is usual nowadays, they are all used for all day parking. As I had a lot of heavy stuff to load, I double parked in front of my store.

As I expected, a burly RBPF officer came across the road to tell me that I could not “block” the road.

Responding, I asked him why he had allowed people to block all of the loading zones on that side of the street. He never answered of course, despite my continued questioning, and insisted that I should circle the block until I could find a parking space.

Disgusted, I drove off with my load and could only think that the poor sap is being paid today from the taxes being paid by the businesses of this country, but when we are all gone and Government can no longer borrow, maybe he won’t have a job anymore.



February 25, 2021


hrysippus 1 month, 2 weeks ago

We probably do have a few police officers who probably do know some law but it does not seem to be as universal as it should be. But they are just police officers and not lawyers so they are more trained to obey the orders of their superior officers rather learn the law statutes.


tribanon 1 month, 2 weeks ago

There was a time when all of our new police recruits were required to have classroom instruction on the basic laws directly related to their ability to properly perform their assigned duties, followed by appropriate tests and with periodic update sessions. But this type of training has fallen victim to too many new recruits being borderline illiterate if not outright illiterate.


themessenger 1 month, 2 weeks ago

If the officer in question doesn’t know the difference between a parking space and a loading zone one has to question whether or not he had the competence to pass the entrance exams or was he just another socially promoted warm body. Common sense is very uncommon among the RBPF finest.......


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