First cases in San Salvador

SAN Salvador residents are on alert after the tiny island recorded its first two cases of COVID-19 over the weekend.

Speaking to The Tribune yesterday, Shon Smith, a resident in the community, called the cases concerning.

He said before the island recorded its first case, most residents there were taking the COVID-19 threat seriously.

However, as more months went by with the island being essentially COVID-19 free, he said some locals began to take more liberties and become more relaxed with the rules.

“In some cases, the stores and businesses, they’ve taken the precautions of putting the safety measures in place like hand sanitizations, wearing of the masks, social distancing, those were in place but you know as residents, they get relaxed and the trend from time to time to not abide by (the rules).”

With COVID-19 now hitting directly at home, Mr Smith said locals are all now on high alert. He said the situation also applies for him and his family of four.

“We are on high alert. We are taking the precautions,” he said. “We were concerned about it since we’ve first got word of it because everything’s got taken into high gear now even though we’ve been keeping precautions prior. It’s just now that we’re going to be putting more strain to abide by the rules and safety measures.”

San Salvador resident Eunice Lightfoot added: “I am concerned and I hope it wouldn’t be anymore. I never used to go around people, but I plan to stay home more.”

Another resident, Trevor Knowles also expressed some concern about the island’s COVID status, but noted the situation is not worth panicking over as the coronavirus cases are being reported worldwide.

He said: “It’s no use to panic because COVID is all over the world now. There’s some concern but everyone is just trying to protect themselves and wear their masks and wash their hands.

“They are more on guard now because everyone is trying to protect themselves. It could be more cases, but I think the clinic is doing a good job testing people to ensure that everyone is safe.”

The Tribune was told the island’s first case had a recent travel history. However, it is not clear whether the second confirmed case is a contact of the first.

As of Saturday, total COVID-19 cases in the country stood at 7,914, with 1,448 of those active cases. The nation’s death count has also risen to 175 after four Grand Bahamians whose deaths were under investigation were concluded to be a result of COVID-19.

Islands that have yet to record a confirmed case include Ragged Island, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, Long Cay, Chub Cay, and Rum Cay, according to health officials.


JokeyJack 3 years, 4 months ago

Over five hundred years ago a European landed on this pristine island bringing disease and death in the form of the influenza virus. Now, in modern times, once again Europe sends a new strain of virus from the UK to threaten. In the interim, black-listings and threats of black-listings have taken place year after year. When will Europe stop its assault on our peaceful nation?


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 4 months ago

"but you know as residents, they get relaxed and the trend from time to time to not abide by (the rules).”"

This is the dumbness that our leaders are fostering, It's slave mentality. Everything is our fault . And I get what theyre doing, can't say anything bad about increased travel because that's the source of our bread And butter. But as long as they keep fostering this idea that if we would just behave everything will be fine, cases will continue to increase

At the end of the story the real reason for the positive cases is given:

"The Tribune was told the island’s first case had a recent travel history"

Spread is a lagging indicator, by the time you notice, the situation already out of hand. Border crossings are a lead indicator. Control the border control the virus.


Dawes 3 years, 4 months ago

That person with recent travel history maybe a person returning from Nassau after a brief trip Especially as the main tourist location is closed. So then it would yet again be the residents


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