Stop The Guns

EDITOR, The Tribune.

How to get guns out of the hands of Bahamians and deter them from ending every argument with brutal force - often lethal?

I have no answer to this dilemma, which continues to be a never-ending headache as level-headed Bahamians search for an answer and a cure.

However, I do remember being told many years ago that murderers used to be hanged on the Eastern Parade — of course, I presume, to a large crowd drawn to the gruesome spectacle. It was so gruesome that hanging was later removed behind prison walls out of public view.

However, I suggest that one or two hangings held on the Eastern Parade in public view might be a sufficiently bitter tonic to shock Bahamians – especially the youth – into putting down the guns and ending their violent ways. Just a thought that might shock young people back to sanity and possibly bring rapid results.



January 5, 2021


joeblow 1 month, 2 weeks ago


The lack of a fear of God, lack of respect for others and self and the all pervasive single parent home are the root causes of our failing nation. Technology in the hands of police cannot change that.

As long as leaders approach adult problems with a childish mind nothing can truly change!


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