Midnight Prowler Looking For Money Is Given $750 Fine


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 37-year-old who claimed he knocked on a woman’s house door and windows after midnight because he wanted money that she owed him was yesterday fined $750.

Antonio Tynes appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes after police found him walking the street with a housebreaking instrument after curfew hours on January 7.

The court was told that the complainant, who resides in Yellow Elder Gardens, told police an unknown man was at her residence around midnight knocking on her door and windows.

When officers responded to the complaint, they saw Tynes walking in the vicinity. When they searched him, they found a screwdriver in his jacket pocket.

He was subsequently arrested for carrying housebreaking instruments at night and violating the curfew.

During the hearing, Tynes pleaded guilty to both offences. He also told the magistrate he only knocked on the woman’s door because he had fixed her gas tank earlier and she had promised to pay him when she got “some change”. Tynes claimed he only visited the complainant’s house that night after he noticed her car was in the yard. He insisted he was not aware of the time.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told Tynes people are usually sleeping around midnight. He also said he was not inclined to believe his explanation because no logical thinking person would visit someone’s house at that hour of the morning and expect them to open their door. As a result, he fined Tynes $750 or two months in prison.

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