Liquor sales 'slower than normal' post-Christmas


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Liquor retailers yesterday said January sales to-date have been "much slower than normal" even though many traditionally see a drop-off post-Christmas.

Richard Knowles, Knowles Liquor's Store, said: “Things have been much slower than it normally was in previous years, but that’s expected. We are holding on.”

"January for me is not a slow time at all typically, because this is the time I get a lot of boaters coming in to the dock as I am right opposite the shore on East Bay. January has always been a good time for me.”

Vernal Smith, Island Wines & Spirits' general manager, told Tribune Business yesterday that while business was slow “it is always this way, especially for the second and third week in January".

He added that trade typically starts to pick up during the second week in February due to Valentine's Day and consumers getting over January, when they have to stretch their dollar to make ends meet due to Christmas spending.

“But I remember operating ‘over the hill’, and January would be a slow period as I had to depend on more government workers, but where I’m at now it's only because I’m not getting the yachts like I used to. That’s what has happened to me," Mr Smith added.

Ricardo Gordon, general manager of Gordo’s Liquor Store, said: “It’s no big difference between this year and last year. January and February is normally the slow period in any event.” While sales were down “slightly” there was nothing to complain about.

Javan Johnson, general manager of KC Liquors, added: “Things have been going great since we have been open. We’re not experiencing much of a drought. We've been doing really well since December.”


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