Man ‘stabbed his landlord in neck’


Tribune Staff Reporter


A TENANT stabbed his landlord in the neck multiple times during a confrontation last month, a court was told yesterday.

Dwight Forbes was accused of causing grievous harm to Prince Albert Kinlock on June 4. He denied the allegations when he first appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle Davis and the matter was adjourned to trial.

When Mr Kinlock gave evidence during the proceedings, he told the court he had been renting to Mr Forbes for about seven months. He said on the night in question, he came home after hanging out with a good friend. He said when he went into his yard, Forbes came behind him “mumbling insulting words”.

Mr Kinlock said he ignored the accused and went inside, but when he came back out, Forbes ran to where he was standing and asked him, “What you have to say now?” before stabbing him in his neck “multiple times”. The landlord said blood was “spouting” from the wound after the attack so someone called an ambulance. He said he was then taken to Princess Margaret Hospital where he spent five days in the intensive care unit.

Mr Kinlock said this wasn’t the first time Forbes confronted him since the accused had a habit of coming and telling him the property he was renting was not his.

When Forbes, who was not represented by an attorney, cross-examined Mr Kinlock, he suggested the complainant’s brother was his landlord and that Mr Kinlock was “lying to him the whole time”.

Mr Kinlock denied this, which prompted Forbes to suggest the man attacked him with a cutlass when he came home from work after arguing about him paying rent. The complainant denied this as well.

At the close of the prosecution’s case, Magistrate Rolle Davis said the court found that Forbes did have a case to answer.

The accused said he planned to remain silent but would call his girlfriend to testify on his behalf.

The case was adjourned to August 5.

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