Customer Robbed As He Made Bank Deposit


AN IMAGE taken from video of the robbery yesterday in Harbour Bay.


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN was robbed in broad daylight while making a bank deposit in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza yesterday.

A bystander’s video of the robbery went viral across social media.

In a 38-second clip that was widely circulated, a man is seen lying on the ground being attacked by a masked man with bystanders heard in the background, saying “let the bag go mister, let the bag go. Oh my God.”

About ten seconds into the video, the assailant escapes in a vehicle and flees the scene with a bag in his hand.

Speaking about the incident yesterday, Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters said officers were aware of the brazen robbery and were now actively searching for the men responsible.

He added that the video footage of the incident will assist police in their investigations and also expressed confidence that those responsible will soon be caught.

“We’re aware of that robbery where a gentleman went to make a deposit and he was accosted by a male in a small vehicle,” the police press liaison officer told reporters.

“The video will be of some assistance to us and I can assure members of the public that in due course we should have someone in custody who will be placed before the court in this incident.”

ASP Peters also sent a warning to the perpetrators responsible for these criminal acts, insisting it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught.

“I want to warn these would-be criminals that the members of the public are tired of you. They are taking the courageous step and reporting you who are brandishing their firearms and going about conducting these heinous acts,” he said.

“They’re going to be caught. It’s simply a matter of time. Our record now speaks for itself. You would’ve seen the matters that would’ve happened recently with respect to the homicide and how these matters are being brought before the court and that’s because of technology and the aid of members of the public.

“They’re not sitting back and being afraid of you small amount of persons in our community. “They’re taking the initiative to assist us and we’re doing our part to gather the evidence before you and you’re going to go before the court and you’re going to have your day in court and the victims themselves are going to find justice.”

Anyone with information on this latest incident or any other crime is asked to call police at 919 or Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS (8477).


ThisIsOurs 3 months ago

ASP Peters did a good job. Though I wish theyd be consistent with tge messaging on how they're solving crimes. sometimes its the secret police strategy

I urge every young man with aspirations of joining the police force, please pay attention in English and English literature, read and read aloud. Join the debate team so you learn how to string words together so that they fit the current context to make a sensible contribution.

but I guess dey een reading dis so...


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