A COMIC'S VIEW: What does Opposition really want?

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis seems to have caught the Opposition on the hop with his national address.

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis seems to have caught the Opposition on the hop with his national address.


THIS week, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis delivered a national address on Covid-19 that left some opposition politicos very upset.

It turns out those who oppose the PM wanted the country to be locked down. Actually, they didn’t really want to be locked down, but they wanted to complain that Doc had locked us down. So they needed him to lock us down, though no one truly wanted a lockdown.

Confused? Welcome, once again, to “silly season,” where politicians want to have their pandemic panny-cake and eat it too!

The same vacillating is happening with vaccines: “Consider the vaccine,” Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader Philip “Brave” Davis whispered in one breath. “Don’t you dare tell us nuttin’! That’s a personal choice!’’ PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell screamed in another.

And the dithering didn’t end there, either.

When Minister of Health, Renward Wells, held one of his rare press conferences to update the country on Covid protocols, canvassing in groups large enough to fill mega-churches took a hit. Wells said no more than five persons in a door-to-door campaign group, and every knocker must have had the jab.

“Don’t you dare tell us nuttin!” Mitchell seethed in a press release, “y’all gotta catch us PLPs on this road first!’

A few hours later, Brave had to walk back that statement with one of his own: “We don’t like these rules, but we’ll follow them for now.”

It’s almost as if there is an opposing party within the opposing party.

But the PLP isn’t the only political group all “mix up” when dealing with Covid and vaccines.

Lincoln Bain, dogmatic leader of the oxymoronically named “Coalition of Independents,” took a jab at “Brave” Davis for getting the jab.

During a Facebook live stream over the weekend, Lincoln “red up” Brave for breaking rank with the growing anti-vax voices to whom Davis had previously pandered.

According to Bain, Davis (who has already suffered through a Covid-19 infection, mind you) was “drinking the kool-aid” by being vaccinated.

Mr Bain went even further. “They’re gonna have to put that vaccine in my cold, dead body,” he yelled, without a hint of self-awareness. Then, as if suddenly remembering he was “live to the world” and some already-vaccinated voters, he quickly muttered, “if you choose to do so, you have every right to do so.”

My fellow Bahamians and residents, you can’t make this stuff up.

Vaccine “hesitancy” is one thing; going full anti-vax in the face of all the scientific data and all the expert advice is a whole other…well, other.

It’s no wonder some Bahamians are scared and confused about what to do; they’re following confused leaders.

Despite disappointing a few (sadistic) people by not dropping the lockdown hammer, the Prime Minister made it a point to stress the importance of vaccines, following established safety protocols, and the need to look out for each other. He implored Bahamians to be “Good Samaritans”, a message Christian leaders worldwide have been emphasising to their parishioners since June.

The PM’s speech wasn’t perfect, but for once, it was at least calming, and clear; our country needs all of our efforts to beat back this virus.

Thankfully, “belly breakdowns” many predicted didn’t materialise.

So now we each have choices.

We can listen to politicians who are double-minded at a time when we need clear leadership, or we can listen to the honourable venerable Reverend Dr Pastor Apostle Minnis and be “Good Samaritans”.

Indeed, I also plan to follow the advice of Bishop Laish Boyd and take “personal responsibility,” while looking out for my neighbors. I think that’s good, sound advice. As the Good Book says, “He who has ears, let him hear.”


John 1 year, 10 months ago

Do you know that FOUR Countries have HALF the world’s Covid-19 cases? And that the US has over 100,000 again and has more than double the number of new cases than any other country on the planet. The US is now the hotspot for Covid-18 with California, Texas, Florida and New York being the leading states with the highest numbers of cases. States that are not unfamiliar to Bahamians. And obviously the surge (or new wave) in The Bahamas I’d driven by imported cases from our neighbors, both by Bahamians visiting that country and by Americans coming here. After Biden took office in January, he implemented mask wearing policies and other protocols that saw the US fall from the world’s leading Covid-29 hotspot to having cases (and deaths) that were no longer pandemic . Likewise The Bahamas, through stringent measures, brought its Corona cases to a tolerable level and well under control. So how did both these countries get to this place? Skyrocketing numbers of new cases, over capacity medical facilities and unmanageable cases of Covid-18? Shortages of medical staff that are overwhelmed and overworked. The claim is the Delta variant is the new devil in the details. The new strain that is very contagious and rapidly spreading. In fact it is now responsible fir 80 percent of new cases in the US. The debate is still out on whether this strain is in The Bahamas, but the experts believe it is definitely affecting the numbers. Then there’s the elephant in the room…THOSE VACCINES..! Not to get into another debate about whether they are effective or not or safe or not, but was the vaccine roll-put handled properly? Was it the right and proper thing to abandon all other safety protocols in favor of the vaccines? Well some states in the US have gone back to requiring everyone to wear masks and follow the original safety guidelines. And they are seeing results. The US president is inviting authorities to give residents $100 to take the vaccines. But what about The Bahamas. Some bday we lucky Minnis didn’t lock us down. But are Bahamians the problem? Will locking down local residents solve the problem when the tourists sector remains wide open and visitors have more freedoms and liberties than Bahamians. ? Why not go back to the original protocols? Everyone must mask up(Bahamians kept theirs on), everyone crossing the borders must be tested, vaccinated or not, and restrictions on some activities. There will always be suspicions and hesitancy about the vaccines and the more they are being forced on the world’s population or so it seems, the greater the hesitancy and the suspicion will become. Some of the least vaccinated countries are showing the lowest numbers of new Covid cases. And two things are common amongst those countries: they continue to follow the original safety protocols and there is a limited number of people entering and re-entering those countries. At some point authorities must accept the vaccines alone, at least in


John 1 year, 10 months ago

Vaccines alone, at least in their current format, can’t eradicate the Covid-19 virus.


whogothere 1 year, 10 months ago

No it's endemic at this point (perhaps always) but we weren't testing...


John 1 year, 10 months ago

On the lighter side mass vaccination is nothing new. If you grew up on one of them Family Islands where, if one person in the house get the flu, everybody had to drink Bush medicine. And if the neighbors walked in during ‘inoculation time’ they had to get their doses too. And if someone in the settlement was known to have the flu, their doses were delivered to them, lime and salt too.


whogothere 1 year, 10 months ago

Spot on - we've collectively forgotten that people used to be sick...your 'constitution' was always a big factor on the severity...(bush tea aside)


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