What Riles You On The Road?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

What are the things that yuck up your vexation the most during your morning commute?

Well, nah, leh muh see.

What bout dese ignorant people who is run da light an who ain know what signal indicator for?

Or maybe da set who is be skinning up in dey rear view mirror putting on dey clothes an face paint like dey ain gat no mirror home?

Afta we done finish wid da paint job, it’s time to make love to our phone even though we been hugging it up at home since we roll outa bed.

Now dat we done scratch dat itch, it’s time fa breakfast at da wheel. Chile!!! Das corn beef you dribble on ya dress? Vell Muddos gal!

You bettas try dash home an change, don’t mind if you’se lil bit late fa work das a erryday ting, come late leave early.

And with this circus going on everyday where are the RBPF’s finest?As usual, always conspicuous by their absence.



June 15, 2021


JokeyJack 5 months, 2 weeks ago

I get upset when I see two police officers riding wearing masks, just the two of them. They have to do that or else Karen's will call in and complain I'm sure. It's just sad that this penance is placed upon them on top of the fact that we don't pay them no money.


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