Bahamian moms dream of summer vacations


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Summer has arrived with a bang and has brought with it rising temperatures and the desire to dream of vacations to faraway exotic lands (especially since 2020’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ never materialised because of that virus we won’t name).

Well, international travel is still somewhat of a challenge right now, but most people will probably take a week or two off from work to spend time with their families. However, most moms would probably agree that a week away from everyone else sounds even better. Here are the five “vacation” ideas are readers are dreaming of:

1. The get-it-all-done-at-home week off

“I definitely need time to deep-clean and organise my home. Even better if there was no one was around to get in the way,” said Fran.

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day to pressure-wash the driveway, clean the windows and paint, etcetera. I could use about two weeks, to be honest, to really get all my projects done.”

2. The get-it-all-done-outside-the-home week off

“I know I would love to have a week to just do all those things that you can’t do on a lunch hour. There is no way a lunch hour lets you do anything. I need to schedule my kids’ physicals before school starts. I need to go get a cleaning at the dentist. I been meaning to update some things at my insurance company, but Lord knows it’s never enough time to get it done,” said Kimmy. “Basically, it’s ‘I need time to sit in line without the stress of knowing I’m late getting back to work’.”

3. The girls’ getaway

Miriam would love a week or even a just weekend with the girls.

“Listen, I love my family, but yeah, after all this lockdown I am ready to be rid of them for a few days where I am not in mommy or wife mode. I want to sit somewhere cool with my girls, sipping something nice and just talking garbage all day.”

4. The hubby-and-me adult bonding time

“My husband and I got married in 2019 and when we went on our honeymoon I was actually pregnant,” Tiny told Tribune Woman. “So our honeymoon was also our babymoon. Well, our little boy is now two and I feel comfortable leaving him, so I really want me and the hubby to check in a hotel somewhere and have a lil’ romantic getaway.”

And of course, all the Tribune moms agree that the best vacation would be a week of:

5. The “Leave me alone and let me sleep” week off

“I want a vacation where I don’t have to drop off or pick up anyone, cook or clean anything. I want to stay at a resort with a king-sized bed with no kids, order room service, Netflix and chill, and if I have the energy, maybe take the long journey to the spa. No, on second thought, the masseuse can come to the room,” said Nicollette.


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