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R&B star Toni Braxton rocks a platinum pixie cut (Instagram_Toni Braxton)


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COURTESY of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of salon visits last year, many women missed out on the opportunity to spice it up and take advantage of the usual hot summer hair trends.

But this year, things are different. Women are going from one hairstyle to the next, switching it up constantly and making certain they have all the summer styles covered.

From the popular braid trends to the pixie cuts and bold colours, Tribune Woman readers shared their plans for getting this year’s hottest styles.

“I have been growing my hair natural for a while now, and in quarantine last year it grew out a lot. I am happy with the growth, but to tell you the truth, I want to change things and do something different for the summer,” said Olivia Rolle.

“I have tried colours before, and it is not something I think I am going to do any time soon again. But I have a little curl to my hair, so I am thinking to make yet another ‘big chop’, as they say, and rock a short curly ‘fro. The sun is hot and I would like nothing more than to feel the breeze through my scalp while still looking all cute.”

When it comes to hair, Jan Smith’ main concern is sporting a style that won’t take too much work on a daily basis.

“I am not the fastest when getting ready, my sister can attest to this as I am always the late one. But I can say when my hair is done, especially in a protective style like braids, I am so good to go. So for the summer months, something speedy like braids is a must, whether long or short. My go-to are long, black, knotless braids. Even when I am not wearing braids, I always admire how beautiful they look on others,” she said.

Jan added: “I am also so happy to see so many talented Bahamian braiders that grew out of the pandemic last year. There are so many, and I am rooting for all of them; the summer is theirs for the taking, and braid styles are one of the most popular styles of this season.”


Actress Taraji P Henson sports the extra long ponytail.

Going for quick and easy look, Allison Knowles said she has already nailed down her summer look: a 30-inch middle-part ponytail. In addition to all the Instagram “baddies” rocking this look, Allison said she believes the style just screams summer.

“Whether the placement is an up-do like look or at the back of the head, I believe it’s beautiful and I cannot wait to try it out. I have worn ponytails before, but never at the length I am going to get. Women are also wearing their long ponytails braided, which is also cute. Last year this time my hair was more than likely tied up all day and night with absolutely no place to go but my home’s workstation and my refrigerator, but this year honey, the goal is to slay all summer,” said Allison.

Meanwhile, pixie cut lover Nikki Williams said she has had many hairstyles over the years, as she quickly gets bored with the same look. But shorter hair is indeed a blessing during the hotter months. Nikki said all women need is a great, experienced hairstylist who can master the pixie cut.

“I can say though, the commitment to up-keeping a pixie cut is a lot and also very expensive, but it depends on you and your preference. I have worn my hair short for many years and it has become my staple. If I want a different look other than this, there is always a wig to throw on and rock that. Also, advice I would give to those that want to make a big chop without actually cutting your real hair, you can consider a pixie wig. It is not my personal cup of tea, but I have seen beautiful ones out there on others. So yes, all in all, this is a pixie cut summer for me,” she said.

Like R&B star Toni Braxton, who recently switched it up to a platinum blonde pixie, Christie Bowe said her new summer look will include a colour change.

“I feel like if you are going to do it, you may as well just go for it. I haven’t decided on the colour as yet, but it will be something I have never tried before. I have never, ever strayed away from the colour black in my hair and it is what I am comfortable with. But I would like to break out of my hair shell and try something a bit different; nothing too wild now, but something a tad different than my traditional everyday look,” she said.


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