POLICE ADVICE: Learn to listen and avoid conflict


Sgt Makelle Pinder

By Sgt Makelle Pinder

Conflict is a normal and necessary part of healthy relationships. After all, people aren’t expected to agree on everything at all times. Therefore, learning how to deal with conflict—rather than avoiding it, is crucial.

When conflict is mismanaged, it can harm any relationship. But when handled in a respectful and positive way, conflict provides an opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between individuals.

However, based on the daily acts of violence that occur in our little country, it clearly indicates that how we handle our anger and how we deal with other people who are angry, can make the difference between managing conflict effectively and having conflict end in violence.

Therefore listed below are a few conflict resolution safety tips.

Unhealthy responses to conflict are:

• An inability to recognise and respond to the things that matter to the other person.

• Explosive, angry, hurtful and resentful reactions.

• Quick to resort to the use of weapons and profanity.

• The withdrawal of love, resulting in rejection, isolation, shaming and fear of abandonment.

• The fear and avoidance of conflict, along with the expectation of bad outcomes.

• An inability to compromise or see the other person’s side.

Healthy responses to conflict are:

• The capacity to recognise and respond to the things that matter to other people.

• Calm, non-defensive and respectful reactions.

• A readiness to forgive, forget and move past the conflict, without holding a grudge or anger.

• The ability to seek compromise and avoid punishing an individual.

• A belief that facing conflict head on, is the best thing for both sides.

• Remember that conflict is a normal reaction, therefore please choose your battles wisely and learn how and when to walk away.

• Always maintain the mental ability to ignore ignorant people and senseless conversations.

• Compromise and think before acting.

Remember that life does not have a restart button. However, if applied the safety tips provided can minimise your chances of becoming a victim.

If for any reason you should fall prey to any criminal act as a result of a lack of “conflict resolution”, please contact the police as soon as possible. Or, if you come across any suspicious person(s) or have any information pertaining to any crime, please do not hesitate to contact call the police emergency at ‘919’ or Crime Stoppers at 328-tips (New Providence), 1-300-8476 (Family Islands).


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