Bahamian Moms Get Ready For Spring Cleaning


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With the daily responsibilities of work and childcare, every mom has her own system for ensuring that their home remains shiny and clean.

And with the winter season officially ending this weekend, now is the perfect time to adopt some new spring cleaning habits that you can practice throughout the rest of the year.

For some, that means a detailed daily cleaning plan, others wait for the weekend to do marathon session, and others still may outsource their housecleaning tasks, enlisting the help of others.

“I try never to go to bed with my house dirty,” said Tribune reader Tiana.

“Every night I clean my kitchen and generally straighten things up, and the I do one other thing…so, Monday night might be laundry, Tuesday I may do the bathrooms etcetera. By doing a little at a time each day, by Friday my house is done and I can relax and enjoy my weekend.”

Rochelle said she ensures that housework is a family affair.

“After being home with my kids for so many months, I know I would go crazy if we didn’t enforce some chores around here. I printed out a list of things I expect my kids to do each day and each week, and it has really helped,” she said.

“So every day my kids have to prepare their stuff for school, set the table and clear the table, they have to pick up their toys and generally help me. It is so important to teach your children from an early age about chores and responsibility. That way it is always a part of their daily habits and routine. If they are old enough to make a mess, then they are old enough to clean it up.”

She added: “My kids can wash dishes and make their beds and they can sort the laundry; they know how to sweep the floor and they have to keep their rooms clean. Now they don’t do it perfectly, but they do it and they will get better with time.”

Anita said while she would love to do more through the week, realistically it is just not possible.

“We try to keep the house as clean as we can, but my husband and I work long hours and when I come home, by the time we do homework and cook and get the kids in bed, the last thing I want to do is housework. Friday, I get off early and come home and do a marathon cleaning and then Saturday morning is laundry day. That is what works for us,” she said.

Latoya said trying to maintain the perfect home is stressful and she has employed help.

“I have a full-time job and I have a part time-side hustle; I also have three kids. I am a neat person, my kids do have chores, but my schedule just doesn’t give me the time to keep my house as immaculate as I would like it. And so, I have a housekeeper who comes in every week and does a deep cleaning. That gives me the head start that I need to maintain the house throughout the week. It saves my energy and my sanity,” she said.


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