Commodore Leads The Way To Get Jab

COMMODORE Raymond King receives his COVID-19 vaccination.

COMMODORE Raymond King receives his COVID-19 vaccination.

ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Raymond King was the first in the law enforcement agency to receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine yesterday.

Conducted at the RBDF base, the inoculations were led by the force’s medical doctor, Lieutenant Commander Doctor Derwin Johnson, along with the medical facility’s professional staff. Lisa Adderley, the deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security, also received the vaccination.

Being the first in the organisation to get vaccinated, Commodore King encouraged officers and marines to make the right decision.

“As a fighting force where personal readiness is of the utmost importance, it is critical, although voluntary, to consider the implications linked to not being vaccinated, and exposed to the threats in the performance of our duties which require us to interact with other nationals at sea, where the risk is higher,” said Commodore King. “I, therefore, encourage other organisational members to follow my lead, as I lead from the front, and accept the vaccine to ensure your readiness as a fit and healthy force.”

Yesterday marked the first day of vaccinations at the RBDF base after the process was first rolled out at other locations last week.

The RBDF said it will give further updates with numbers of personnel who have voluntarily accepted the vaccine.


John 4 weeks ago

Concerns are now being raised in the YS about the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the US. Reports are that a lot of the data on this vaccine is outdated and it is now believed that the effectiveness of this vaccine is below 60% as opposed to the reported 90% effective rate. And this is causing frustration, according to Dr Fauci, as some persons who have taken the vaccine have been given a ‘false sense of hope.’ The US is now leaning towards the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, (an American company) with claims that that vaccine is more effective and more easy to transport and administer.


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