Ferreira Briefs Media On Law To Protect Resources

Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira.

Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira.

ENVIRONMENT and Housing Minister Romauld Ferreira hosted a virtual meeting for the media to discuss the recently passed Biological Resources and Traditional Knowledge Protection and Sustainable Use Act, 2020.

The new law protects the country’s natural resources, and will ensure that Bahamian natural assets will no longer be exploited by foreign interests.

Mr Ferreira said that the Act was a vital piece of legislation in order to ensure that Bahamians would not be disenfranchised by people who would, as has happened in the past, exploited the country’s natural resources under the guise of research and other reasons.

“For too long, our country’s resources have been exploited and we can no longer allow that to happen. We are aware that this undertaking will involve ‘buy in’ from everyone in Bahamian society, as a cross-section of society will need to partner together to ensure its success. That is why we thought that it was of utmost importance to engage the media to ensure that just and fair information is disseminated to the public.”

The Biological Resources and Traditional Knowledge Protection and Sustainable Use Act, 2020 ushers in a new management regime of the country’s natural resources. This new Act will ensure that biodiversity-rich countries obtain a fair share of benefits arising from use of their genetic resources. New protocols have also been established to ensure that the objectives of the Act are met.

Director of Environmental Planning and Protection Rochelle Newbold gave an overview of the Act itself, explaining that it is targeted at foreign interests who use several means to take advantage of the country’s resources, then go on to substantially benefit from their research, never sharing those benefits with the country. She cautioned Bahamians to be vigilant, especially when they are conducting tours with researchers, who claim to be “visitors.”

“We have to be good stewards of our country’s resources and not allow others to take advantage of us,” she said. “Even though you may have a boat and are taking the researcher around to conduct their study, you must pay attention and report any suspicious activity that you see. This is our country and we need to protect it for ourselves, and for future generations.”


FreeUs242 9 months, 3 weeks ago

That should include Land (island) being sold.


TalRussell 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Should cease and stop masquerading as Thee Mr. Minnis's, Junior Environmental Minister.
Well, quite frankly, yes, considering the environment portfolio had been yanked out from under Rommy for over a year now when its portfolio was suddenly transferred over to the Office of Thee Mr. Minnis (OTMM).
You shouldn't even have gotten to keep a ministerial paycheque, government car being steered around town by a royal constabulary driver.


kairosmatt 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Romi -this is disgusting and embarrassing. You should hang your head and retire.

Why are we charging and enforcing on scientists who are trying to help us UNDERSTAND the value of resources?

And yet if you are coming here to RAPE our resources the door is wide open.

Oil? Do whatever destruction you want. Educate Bahamians? Pay up.

Romi, shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on everyone in the government trying to bleed money from stones.

And what will you lot do with all the money? Revolting


stislez 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Boi i tell ya! Now we know that oil lisence renewal getting approved. Why would any of yall coward politicians do anyting to educate the public? That aint yall record! Yall aint about US Bahamians! We know this for a fact! Now what.......yall had a change of heart and want share some information with us? GTFOH wit da shit! Why now when this who talks of the oil ting come back up? What you tryna put some people at ease aye cuz yall kno oil beeeen here long time an bpl kno it. I believe they found oil but didnt follow thru because the uproar in the country(not that the uproar stop no show) but the government needed to do this b4 they let dem take the oil. Memba da whole natural resources fund the hubert talk bout......dis the legislature to say well the bahamian people entitled to X amount from dis oil ting but we kno just where da money ga go.........like the VAT money, Oban Files, etc...


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