Govt’s poor treatment of Bahamians

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please see the list attached of almost a hundred Government employees that Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club have been sent on a merry-go-round in seeking approvals, giving presentations, writing letters, providing a never ending litany of requirements, present to board meetings, asked for meetings, being told “no”, the big Bahamian government run-around and yet foreign investors get the red carpet treatment and a one stop shop at the Office of the Prime Minister!

More than 22 government agencies and the business hasn’t even started yet!

Bahamian Crown Land should be for Bahamians, yet our politicians will tell you coldly that they:

“Don’t want to waste their time on Bahamians,”

“Don’t want to take a risk on Bahamians.”

“If a foreign investment kicks up a fuss we can kick them out, we can’t kick out a Bahamian!”

“Bahamians like to make too much noise!!”

This is what the government of the Bahamas thinks of its own people, putting us in horrendous debt that we carry as they negotiate from a position of weakness when we have a strong position and call it “national interest of the Bahamas”. Selling out hundreds of thousands of Bahamians, most of whom are struggling for their own politician’s greedy agenda! Giving away our birthright of Bahamian Crown Land, giving away our beach access so we can pay to enter the beach, if we are lucky!

Foreigner investors exporting their vertical revenue stream by the billions to their foreign shareholders where Bahamians are restricted by government to invest.

They exploit our natural resources, they destroy our natural resources and they leave us with the mess once it becomes useless to them for us to clean up.

They want to demolish our buildings, demolish our history, dictate our culture and bring in foreign workers and pay them a pittance and leave the menial jobs only for Bahamians and they sure don’t want us Bahamians mixing with them!

This is going to stop!


Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co Ltd.

No 1 Paradise Island

Nassau, Bahamas.

April 30, 2021.


hrysippus 3 years ago

The government most probably looked ar RCL's track record of managing multi million dollar projects, and their ability to, and past experience of, raising hundreds of millions of investment dollars. They then looked at what experience Mr. T. Smith has had in these two key business abilities. The government then made the obvious and correct choice of which of these two choices should be the one to develop the Western end pf Patadise island. The wrong choice would have been a financial disaster for almost everyone concerned.


hrysippus 3 years ago

TribANonentity, you have descended to insults over rational discussion. I have never in any way benefited in a personal or peculiar way from any turning over of any land to foreigners.. I expect that you however are very much seeking to gain from getting some Crown land from the government.This is called being hypocritical.


tribanon 3 years ago

The Tribune's staff responsible for this website keep removing my posts without even the courtesy of posting that they have done so. lol


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