No theft at children’s hostel


SOCIAL Services Minister Frankie Campbell.


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SOCIAL Services Minister Frankie Campbell yesterday shot down rumours of theft at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, insisting officials have not received any complaints despite widely circulated reports saying otherwise.

He was responding to claims on social media, which alleged workers there stole thousands of funds donated to the care home by an unnamed donor.

The report claimed the matter was brought to the attention of Mr Campbell, who allegedly then contacted police to conduct an investigation.

Yesterday, Mr Campbell vehemently denied the reports and insisted he gave no such directives.

He said when he contacted the home’s board members about the reports, he was told no theft complaints had been made.

“Something circulated on social media suggesting some impropriety at the Children’s Emergency Hostel and the message suggested that I gave some instructions. No instructions were given,” Mr Campbell said before going to a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

“I communicated with the board of the Children’s Emergency Hostel. I was advised that they are not aware, and they have not received any complaints from any donor that any funds were stolen, but the board and I are in agreement that wherever there is a report of any impropriety that we will deal with it and so everybody knows that Frankie Campbell is not afraid to call the police and if it’s necessary, the police will be called in.”

This is not the first time the care home has been under public spotlight.

In January, shocking surveillance footage at the home emerged on social media, showing numerous children at the care home being severely beaten.

The incident resulted in four female former staff members being “relieved of their duties.”

Six women were later charged in February in connection with the incident. They all denied the offences of which they were accused.

Earlier this year, Mr Campbell told reporters his ministry made the decision to stop corporal punishment in care homes nationally after the National Child Protection Council recommended that the method no longer be used to discipline children until further discussion is had.


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