Bishop in battle with cancer

EDITOR, The Tribune.

“Doctors have given me 18 months more to live. God promised me up to 120 years. Whose report should I believe?”

That was the chilling message I recently received from my boyhood friend Walter Hanchell, who is being treated abroad for cancer. I now hereby confess that, even unknown to him, Walter has been most influential in my life. You see I knew him as a legendary, dashing, handsome, debonair and well dressed ladies man, my type. We dubbed him ‘Double 0’. We hung out, travelled and indulged in our chosen lifestyle together. So when, similar to the Apostle Paul, he had his “Damascus road” experience and transformation, like many others, I congratulated him and wished him well, but unlike the others, I expectantly awaited his return to our world. That was almost two score years ago. As my expectancy continued in vain, I realised that God was most powerful, he changed Walter and that only God could change Walter. Since that time, along with his lovely wife Minalee, whom he lovingly refers to as his Queen, he has steadfastly preached the gospel, cared for the sick and downtrodden and fed thousands of persons through his Great Commissions Ministry.

Lately, he added social activism to his resume and seemed to be partial to a particular direction. In this regard, I am most happy with and commend a politician, who may have crossed her party’s line, for openly commending his works, deeds and character during a recent parliamentary session. More of them should have done so.

Again, referencing the aforementioned communication I received, Walter ended it with, “We shall believe the report of the Lord. I thank my doctors and really appreciate all they do to save lives, but Jehovah God has the final say.” Therefore, being cognisant of the fact that many others, including his family, friends, church members and fellow pastors are currently praying for him and wishing him well, I hereby take this opportunity to implore all those who read this letter, to join them and pray for this amazing, christian, patriotic Bahamian, my friend Bishop Walter S Hanchell.

Just saying…..



May 11, 2021.


bogart 1 year, 3 months ago

For ages Bishop have put himself in finding hot meals on Wulff Rd. to feed anyone. God bless and wish you well Bishop.


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