Two Dead In Separate Abaco Traffic Accidents

Two people are dead after two separate traffic accidents on Abaco.

In the first incident, shortly before 10pm on Friday, a grey BMW collided with a grey Dodge Caravan on SC Bootle Highway.

Two men, believed to be from Treasure Cay, were in the BMW and were extracted using the Jaws of Life. The passenger died at the scene while the driver suffered leg injuries.

A woman from Murphy Town who was driving the Dodge Caravan was seriously injured.

Both of the injured were taken to the Marsh Harbour Clinic.

The second incident happened on Saturday shortly before 8am when an aqua coloured Suzuki Swift hit a utility pole on the Cherokee Sound Highway.

EMS personnel pronounced the driver dead at the scene.

Investigations into both accidents are ongoing.


John 8 months, 1 week ago

Slow down people! The speed on some of these Family islands is scary. More than the US highways that are designed and built for speed and safety so.


ohdrap4 8 months, 1 week ago

The light poles in abaco are reckless. They chase down the cars and fall on top of them


bahamianson 8 months, 1 week ago

My condolences to the people whom passed. If we use the logic that people normally us for guns, then we should get rid of lampoles and cars because they both kill people. IT isn't the our fault due to speeding , the lampole and car caused it as well as the guns.


JokeyJack 8 months ago

These accidents in Abaco been spreading like a virus, maybe we need a 2 week lockdown of all vehicles? In fact, we could really use lockdowns to our advantage the way they do in North Korea. Over there if you commit certain crimes, you not only are imprisoned but your entire family for 3 generations. People are born in prison because their parents or grandparents committed a crime and grow up and die there.

It may sound cruel, but think of all of the potential dangers those persons are protect from? I bet there ain't no KFC box on the road over there. Makes sense when you really think about it. Hopefully the continued lockdowns worldwide will bring everyone around to see the genius of the North Korean leader who is worshipped as a god by his people. I've always wondered why, but am now putting 2 and 2 together.


Proguing 8 months ago

Why do we do nothing against traffic deaths, but close the country down for virus deaths?


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