Prayers for the FNM

EDITOR, The Tribune.

My dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I am thanking you for another day in my right mind, health, and the wisdom, understanding, faith, patience, courage and the determination to keep You foremost in my mind, heart and soul.

Please, Jesus, as I thank you for my many blessings, I am also asking you to bring bountiful blessings on Mr Hubert Alexander Minnis and his Free National Movement party during this critical time.

Jesus, You and I know that the former Prime Minister and his government, have done their best as the leaders for the first time and after only nine years of being politicians – this is a heavy responsibility.

Then he was welcomed with the results of a past hurricane, and then getting to face the worst hurricane in the century, Dorian. This hurricane almost destroyed two islands, and then the horrible COVID-19 virus.

Only God knows how they were able to achieve, what was accomplished. It was your blessings and mercy that they were guided to make what was accomplished. Also donations from many other countries, private businesses and other persons.

Please, dear Jesus, give them the courage to face and be able to survive the mean, cruel and untrue things being said and done to hurt their feelings, with absolutely no gratitude for their efforts and successes accomplished.

Dear Jesus, please deal with The New Day Prime Minister, his cabinet, House members, supporters and followers, give them all the blessings of faith, courage and wisdom to accept the things they can change, and also that they cannot change.

Dear Jesus, you know, like I do, that the PLP had 24 years of uninterrupted leadership and more to do, so much more than they did and expect the past government to do in 41/2 years, that they had over 30 years to do what was expected of them.

Jesus, you know how it feels to do all the good you can, to all who can and then be cruelly treated and be shamefully treated.

Please, dear Jesus, give us all the blessings of life, to live and see all they will do and accomplishing this their five-year term of “A New Day”.

As a woman of 86 years old and a qualified teacher of 44 years, who taught from January 1959 to June 1985, with 8 B.J.C., 4 G.C.O.L.and a B.A. in Primary Education from The College of St Benedict in Minnesota, U.S.A. After graduating from B.T. College in 1966 and was never given a promotion from being a certified teacher with now a pension of $740.50, from 23 years to 50 years and 17 of those years on five islands and six schools from Mayaguana to Andros and I am not alone in this.

Who is “The Government to be ashamed?” As I read recently in The Nassau Guardian.

Schools on the islands

  1. Andros, Lowe Sound - three years.

  2. Eleuthera, Deep Creek - five years and Gregory Town - five years.

  3. San Salvador, Cockburn Town - one year.

  4. Abaco, Cooper’s Town - one year.

  5. Mayaguana, Pirate’s Well - two years.

We had water wells, outdoor toilets and no electricity for most of these years. There were no Janitresses at all in my time.

Thank you for printing my letter.



November 5, 2021.


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