Bahamas Humane Society is inundated with puppies and kittens


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BAHAMAS Humane Society is appealing for donations and assistance after a number of unwanted animals were surrendered to the shelter in a matter of days.

“Twenty more puppies came in today! Fifty-five puppies in six days! And nine kittens. Plus four more adult surrenders since yesterday,” BHS posted on its Facebook page this week.

BHS said the deluge of new animals came shortly after the shelter was able to airlift more than 200 animals overseas, an initiative that “took months of hard work and serious fundraising.”

BHS is urging people to spay and neuter their animals to avoid overpopulation and stray dogs and cats.

When contacted about the scores of animals coming in, BHS General Manager Percy Grant said yesterday that it is a “constant topic.”

Asked about BHS’ capacity, he replied: “We (are) up and down. We’re still over 200 animals….

“On Saturday, we had an airlift where we sent off 150 cats and 80 dogs.”

This news comes after thieves broke into the shelter and ransacked the place last month. The shelter was financially set back as its camera system was stolen which representatives said would cost about $15,000 to replace.

There was also $8,500 in estimated damage to doors and filing cabinets which were damaged during the incident. On its Facebook page, BHS said while it does not keep large amounts of cash on its premises, at least $500 was taken during the break-in.

Yesterday, Mr Grant said BHS is trying to get the building back in order after the crime.

“We have been (trying) to get some repairs done. There’s people helping us….We’ve got some doors restored.

“We’re getting our camera system which was donated,” Mr Grant updated yesterday.

“They donated to us a whole new camera system which is now being installed. We’re looking good.”

In terms of fundraising, BHS is hosting a raffle with a number of prizes.

“We have raffle tickets. We are asking people to help us with our raffle here at the Humane Society, (tickets are) $5 each. We have some great prizes; $10,000 worth of groceries is our first prize.

“Then we have our second prize, a $500 gift certificate for BPL and third is the same, $500 for BTC.”

For more information on ways to donate, visit https://www.bahamashumane.org.


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