Ministry aiming to procure medications for COVID-19 treatment by end of the year


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THE Ministry of Health and Wellness has set an end of year timeline to procure medications not currently in The Bahamas to treat people sick with the coronavirus.

Last month, Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville said officials were looking into acquiring the additional drugs.

Press Secretary Clint Watson said yesterday: “We’re expecting to have them by the end of the year. That’s our target and we hope that these new medications will be here within the year.”

He also appealed on behalf of the government for people to be responsible as they hit the social scene following the expiration of the emergency powers orders last Saturday.

Over the weekend there were many events with large gatherings of people enjoying a curfew-free environment.

Mr Watson said COVID-19 ambassadors remain active and there were plans to ensure more of them were deployed at large events to ensure compliance with rules.

“The COVID police are very active,” Mr Watson said.

“As a matter of fact, I can say that discussions are ongoing to increase the number of COVID ambassadors throughout the country, along with additional training, particularly in light of relaxed curfews and people having more events to ensure that the guidelines are followed and people enforce the laws.

“That’s why I stress again to people, it requires personal responsibility. We can keep these numbers down if people are personally responsible for themselves to ensure that they follow the protocols because no matter how much we police it people will complain about the policing.

“But we want people to take personal responsibility to ensure that protocols are followed with events and with gatherings,” Mr Watson said.

He also noted that with The Bahamas’ travel health notice advisory from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being lowered, people can once again visit the country for group events.

The advisory was at the maximum Level Four - “Do not travel”, but has been lowered one notch to Level Three - “Reconsider Travel.”


“This is both a significant implication and manages tourism’s overall product,” Mr Watson said. “We’re encouraged that the Davis administration’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the country has resulted in the CDC modifying its level. This is welcomed news for the tourist industry.

“It also means that hotels can begin to now receive group and conference bookings.

“At a level four groups and conferences were not allowed to book in The Bahamas because of their guidelines and because of their high risk.

“Now with our lowering to level three we can now welcome groups and conferences and conventions to begin booking at our major resorts which, as you know, is a significant portion of our tourism revenue and tourism product.

“So that spells good news for The Bahamas there,” he said.

The Ministry of Health reported 16 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Tuesday and 12 new cases were recorded on Monday.

The country now has 22,613 confirmed cases of the virus, however, only 210 of those are active. Four new deaths were recorded on Monday, bringing the toll to 669. The patients died between November 3-10.

Forty-four people are in hospital with COVID-19.


joeblow 7 months, 2 weeks ago

... even Fauci now admits to rising covid infections and hospitalizations among the "vaccinated". That will be the next wave in the Bahamas too due to a lack of never ending booster shots!



tribanon 7 months, 2 weeks ago

These so called Wuhan virus waves were previously known as seasonal flu.


ThisIsOurs 7 months, 2 weeks ago

All I have to say is monitoring is very important at this time. Its wonderful that we're open, wonderful that we can get group bookings, but the group bookings open us to new strains and the openness then exposes us to exponential spread of those new strains. Thats just facts. What you dont want is the hospital to get to 100 cases before you realize whats happening and do something to curb it.

So pay the contact tracers on time, they've been complaining of working for 3 months with no pay. And make sure they have adequate breaks both during the day and over the month


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