Capital punishment

EDITOR, The Tribune.

On the books, legal BUT….since the last hanging 2000 - David Mitchell, when there was a double hanging under the Ingraham Government, the Crown has not been able to win– if you have to use a descriptive word – a Privy Council approval to carry out hanging – 21 years.

We have “cases that are not the worst of the worst” - but what is that Privy Council? Why can’t they define or explain?

Isn’t it time for the State to simply accept the chances of being able to legally, with Privy Council support hanging, the odds are little to nothing….repeal the Statute then. Going to the Caribbean Court of Appeal, probably is no different as they have not accepted, for example, the Barbados mandatory hanging provision in their law.

Again have a case headlining – public, media, politicians keep comment to the bare minimum, not to contaminate the jury.

You really think it is a deterrent to stopping murder? The majority of murder incidents, over the past years have not been for robbery…Some suggest gang initiation – others suggest drug related, but daily there seems to be an incident, and society has become cold to that, almost one expects to read the headline.

Practising Anglican and Catholics, note their denominations do not support capital punishment.

Politicians don’t try to get browny points out of the current headline…examine your conscience and look at the issue from a moral and ethical aspect…is taking a life an appropriate response? Oh, yes, we will hear the Bible toting people, say an “eye for an eye”, but a Christian is also taught and required to practice – love.



October 18, 2021.


FrustratedBusinessman 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Actually, the Catholic Church has supported capital punishment for millennia. If you are truly a Catholic, you will believe that the Church is infallible and that the teachings do not change.

Sadly, this is the least of Frankie's heresies. Allowing fornicators and adulterers to profane the body and blood of our Lord, promoting nature worship with pachamama, and supporting sodomy all are much worse than this.

Someone needs to hide a green scapular under his bed.


Dawes 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Its is false to believe that the privy council is stopping the country from hanging. What they have done is say we must say what the worst of the worst is. If we do that then the privy council will not stop a hanging. In reality our Governments do not want to hang due to the publicity. If they wanted to we would.


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