Debt, debt and debt

EDITOR, The Tribune.

A past writer was spot on when he wrote and estimated that BPL’s bad accounts had to exceed $100m.

What if BPL had required 50 percent of the monthly bill to be paid and to qualify the customers with substantial arrears who would have had to agree to “salary deduction” rather than the cheque in the mail!

BPL like our National Financials totally mismanaged – not any sense of good housekeeping.

Water & Sewerage wonder how much there? $60m plus minus?

NIB lost at least 17,000 contributions for over 23 months... no that was not a negative. Crazy as it seems if your employer had furloughed you, he did not have any reason to pay NIB, but the employee could not seek alternative work unless they were willing to prejudice their existing work status ... was that fair? Now employers want to extend the 12 weeks for Redundancy to kick in to a further 90 days till March 2022!

Seems from March 2020 everyone – well the majority – stopped paying any bills to utilities or Government.

Oh, is it really better in the Bahamas? When will the majority understand the sequence – taxes are levied to pay for Government – don’t pay we end up borrowing and borrowing till, yes, Dr Minnis you were hit by a head wind, but no one can describe your management since July 2017 as competent – no one.

More and more the truth is being told…this coming week with the House debate on the Davis Supplemental Budget I expect more and more to be exposed and doubt it will be understood by most.



November 23, 2021.


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