A Second Christmas Of Covid

EDITOR, The Tribune.

My thoughts recently have been over how is Christmas going to be this year – year two of COVID? Will there be the usual true Bahamian celebrations – free-willy style – oh, yes, how will junkanoo be impacted ... hear virtual this year .... how will this all pan out?

Driving around yesterday, a Thursday, no schools in, but traffic was head to tail in some areas traffic jams and I thought we are virtually four weeks from Christmas and this experience now?

Will Santa be able to deliver all those gifts the young ones hope and have wished for? Kelly’s full to the ceiling seems their buyers were busy this summer ordering and got their stock in and have missed the mess off the California coast following the US election... great Kelly’s.

In the height of COVID delivery came into our lives…a thought why don’t the merchants adopt delivery…buy-on line pay on line and have the item delivered- 60+% less traffic I would suggest and less stressful. Extend shopping hours merchants…maybe start later and stay open longer.

November 13th big day... one will be Emergency Power hearsay also curfew so Free at last, but, Editor we must maintain the strictest of COVID protocols we mustn’t rock back forget masks…forget washing hands and distancing as here will come COVID surge #4…Dr Forbes prudently warns be careful we are far from being out of the COVID dangers and fears.

On social sites we see photo-ops of officials, etc, and the majority the persons are not wearing masks…please don’t be stupid wear them don’t let egos take the better of you… masks save lives.

Vaccinating - those who qualified to take the first doses of AstraZeneca... in US FDA-CDC are advocating boaster shots for their Pfizer recipients – what is the status of the Astra Zeneca recipients? If the 25plus K recipients need one more shot then you have to acquire at least 60-80k more pfizer units.

Methinks Christmas will be a lot more joyful and triumphant than last year…hopefully the churches will be protocol full and carols will be heard in and out in our neighbourhoods celebrating the reason for Christmas. Let everyone feel the Peace on Earth a most troubled earth!



November, 2021.


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