Facing Great Expectations

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Now that the PLP and the Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, QC, are in charge of the administration of our wonderful nation, there are great expectations on the part of our people. We live in instant society and we tend to expect advances and corrections immediately, regardless of the circumstances. Yes, electoral promises would have been made and we fully expect that they will be delivered on. We have to, however, be realistic.

The Davis administration is just settling in and must be given reasonable time to investigate and sort out the true affairs and status of The Bahamas. Ours is not a doll house nation, despite how some of our politicians, across the board sometimes act and behave. Our national debt is off the chart. Our annual deficit is also off the chart and we may have already gone over the fiscal cliff. Hopefully the Davis administration will find a parachute for us to deploy, as a people, so as to cushion the fall.

In this vein Bahamians must and should give the Davis administration the proverbial honeymoon. Within the next thirty days or so, the Prime Minister and his crew should have/would have had ample time to pour over the ‘books’, so to speak. He would then have a better sense of directions as to where we are as a nation and where he proposes to lead us. Great expectations are in place and knowing how some of our people go some may well start to murmur, as some have already started to do, especially within the rump opposition.

The PM is well aware that if he wants to be re-elected, he and his administration must come up with some bold and solid plans for national reconstruction and a better build back. Dr Minnis and his people them jacked us right up, in my opinion, from an accountable, fiscal, transparency and responsible positions. Harsh, but true. Billions have been borrowed and/or donated following the hurricanes and the ongoing pandemic, but there is precious little to show for it. No one, mind you, least of all me, are accusing the former administration of anything sinister, but there must be a forensic audit of all ministries; corporations and other governmental agencies.

Great expectations will take real dollars and cents to accomplish. The PM and his administration cannot, at this juncture even consider raising taxes and or service charges. The average Bahamian has either been out of work or grossly under employed for 18 months and counting. Inflation, the real cost of living is through the roof and getting worse. Yes, I am an optimist and I an a disciple of the PM, so I am persuaded that with The Lord’s help we will get through this rough patch by the first quarter of 2012. With Brave at the helm I am more than confident that all will be well.

Having great expectations is a wonderful thing when we reflect that The Lord came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Brave is not able to walk on water, however, and we should be patient in our expectations. He’s been in power less than a month. Let the man complete his governmental roll out and flesh out his legislative programme. The economy; health care and protocols for the ongoing pandemic are critical going forward. Great expectations with a strong dose of reality are at the top of the national agenda. Brave will stand and deliver.



October 12, 2021.


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