Suspect Faces Theft Charges


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 28-year-old man accused of committing a number of car thefts and fraud offences over a four-month period will be outfitted with a monitoring device until his trial is completed.

Darius Brown was arrested after he was accused of stealing and dishonestly receiving a woman’s $4,000 2011 Nissan Cube on June 17.

He was also accused of stealing and dishonestly receiving Jonathan Forbes’ $4,000 Honda Fit sometime between May and June.

Police said Brown also stole Tara Wright’s $5,500 Nissan Cube on June 22 and threatened to harm Sharday Russell on September 23.

Prosecutors allege Brown also threatened to kill another woman on two different occasions in September.

He is also accused of threatening to kill a fourth woman after he stole $2,500 from her, which he had custody of by reason of his employment, sometime between May and August.

Police said the accused also stole three more vehicles from a car rental service in May with a combined value of $15,000.

They also accused him of possessing and uttering a forged road traffic certificate and bill of sale for a blue Toyota on April 23, despite the fact that he knew the documents were not genuine.

Brown is accused of obtaining $2,300 cash and a Pitbull puppy from a woman by means of false pretences and stealing a $5,500 Nissan Cube from Crystal Davis in March.

Prosecutors said he fraudulently obtained $3,650 from a man and tried to present a forged certificate of title for a Nissan Cube to a Road Traffic Department official on April 26.

Prosecutors also said Brown stole a $5,500 Honda Fit on June 16 and fraudulently obtained $3,500 from a man on June 18.

Police said the accused also caused nearly $600 worth of damage to Preston Collin’s 2008 Nissan and white metal gate on August 2.

When Brown appeared before Magistrate Kendra Kelly yesterday, he denied all of the allegations.

During the hearing, the prosecution said they were objecting to bail because of the number of offences.

Brown’s attorney, Wendawn Frazier, argued that her client was a good candidate for bail because there was no evidence that he would miss court if he was released prior to his trial.

After listening to arguments from both sides, Magistrate Kelly said she considered Brown’s presumption of innocence and granted him $15,000 bail.

As part of the conditions of his release, he must sign in to his nearest police station twice a week and be outfitted with a monitoring device.

Magistrate Kelly also warned Brown not to interfere with any of the witnesses involved in his case. If he does, he could risk being remanded to jail until the completion of his trial.

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