Fnm 'Will Not Allow Leader Nominations From The Floor'


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THE Free National Movement, which has officially opened its nomination process for party leader, will not allow nominations for the post to be made on the convention floor as is custom, according to a party memorandum The Tribune has obtained.

The document, dated October 19, says nominations will not be received after November 18.

 The party will hold a one-day convention on November 27 to settle the leadership role.

 “Candidates for the post of leader must be nominated by at least two members of the party,” the memo said. “Both the candidate and the two party members must be financial and in good standing before the close of nominations. Nomination forms can be obtained from the national party headquarters or by contacting the secretary general. A certified list of candidates will be published on November 18, 2021.”

 Only Central Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis has so far declared his intention to seek the leadership role. 

 The FNM’s memo advises various FNM groups of their requirement to elect up to six delegates for the convention. Those delegates will decide who will become the party’s leader.

 “Constituency associations,” the memo says, “are directed to inform association members and to coordinate the election of six voting delegates (exclusive of the Central Council representative) for each constituency. It is a constitutional requirement that at least one of the delegates from the constituency association be 30 years of age or younger.

 “The National Women’s Association and the National Torchbearers Youth Association are to elect six voting delegates. The president, the executive members, and the council representatives of the affiliated organisations are already voting delegates to the convention. “The names of all delegates should be submitted to the attention of the secretary general at party headquarters, Mackey Street, New Providence or via email to the secretary general.”

 The FNM will require a list of party delegates by November 15.

 “All delegates must be financial by the 15th of November,” the memo said. “Reasonable arrangements will be made for COVID testing, travel, accommodation, and board for delegates who reside outside of the island of New Providence. Founding fathers, meritorious council members, national party officers, elected and appointed executives, senators, members of Parliament, former leaders, former deputy leaders, former chairmen, candidates in the 2021 election, advisory councilors, women’s association delegates, Torchbearers Youth Association delegates, constituency association delegates, council representatives, and council members generally are all voting delegates to the convention.”

 Co-chairs of the convention committee are Ethan Adderley, the party’s deputy treasurer, and Dr Mildred Hall-Watson, the former Senate president and an FNM meritorious council member.

 Members of the committee include Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest and party Chairman Carl Culmer.


licks2 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Why is this news? The FNM them have their own rules. . .plenty problems at this time and their in-fighting! Who cares about that? The FNM is not relevent at this juncture in our national history. . .SEE THEM AT THE MEXT ELECTION. . .HOPEFULLY WITHOUT MINNIS! But however, "tha een my business" if they allow or not allow nominations from the floor!


BahamaRed 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I wish they'd do like the USA and let the voting population determine who will be the next candidate to run for the party. I think they might have a better chance at getting someone that the people will support. #ijs


sheeprunner12 1 month, 2 weeks ago

All Bahamian political parties use "delegates" to elect leaders. The only problem is whether the "delegates" resemble the wider voting public OR the special interest groups that fund the parties.


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