Farewell To Giants Of Tourism

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Two giants in the Tourism-Hotel business of The Bahamas passed within days of each other... significant as both played such an important part in the development of the employees and their appointments and remuneration.

Tom Bastian — stalwart of Hotel union — and J Barry Farrington the right hand of Sir Sol Kerzner, Atlantis who brought the Bahamas from and out of Tourism doldrums into big time.

These were clear candidates for the highest National Honours, but history will recall neither received such an accolade.

National Honours, Editor, are for such people.... should never be given posthumously in fact that right in the National Awards should immediately be removed from the Act governing the Awards........have you ever heard anything more stupid?

Why should the average age of awardees be in the high 60’s or even older?

UK Queen’s Honours are a perfect example awards for years have been given on merit be you young, middle aged or elderly.

Time we changed ours. Prime Ministers may never grant such awards to themselves also.

Tom and JB you both gave so much. We, the country salutes you both.....God speed!



October 14, 2021.


Exuma61 1 month, 1 week ago

My grandfather used to say, “Give me the flowers while I’m alive because when I’m dead and gone they won’t mean anything to me”.


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