Pandemic expectations

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We are now in a fourth wave of this horrible pandemic. We are told that most of those in hospitals with COVID-19 are not vaccinated, and others who have been vaccinated. The variants are driving our population to distraction. The Province’s Business sector has been carrying on, doing business in a safe and managed manner. There are many questions being asked by the public with regards to our health and safety.

  1. How will the unvaccinated affect the opening of the economy? Will there be another closure?

  2. How can we be expected to visit entertainment, sporting and cultural/festival events safely?

  3. Do those unvaccinated have a responsibility to get vaccinated?

  4. Will the opening of our schools carry with it a threat of super spreading events?

The Provincial and municipal authorities in Canada tell us that there is a minor threat of COVID in our schools, so long as the staff and 12-years-old plus students are vaccinated. This directive was given in my opinion way too late in the summer.

The authorities seem to have allowed businesses to develop their own policies to the management of their functional safety and operation. The establishment of a COVID Passport/certificate in Ontario is a possibility.

Our Provincial Government continues with its on the fence attitude towards public health and safety. Encouraging the population to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Their COVID Medical Club of @ 500 “specialists” are being disbanded. It seems The Ford Government has set an agenda for itself, then using so-called medical specialists as agents of good or bad news, diverting any blame or error from the administration and placing it onto others.

Our Provincial government has been on the re-election trail all along.

The administrations’ decisions regarding the protection of seniors, school children, and those working in essential industries have suffered because of this government’s inaction, indecisiveness and tainted public policy.

Our Premier may have allowed his attitudes towards the protection of Ontario’s Corporate Business Sector to influence his public health policy and support of Industry Management who were under attack due to their mismanagement of various industries such as Senior living Centres and Meat packers to name a few.

How can Ontarians go to the theatre, see the Blue Jays or Raptors, or enjoy a busy festival safely when someone who sits beside us, stands behind us, or walks along side us could be infected with COVID? I have spoken to friends who have travelled by plane, and I can assure you their blood pressure and stress levels were not stable. I visited our ill grandma, and must say when the little children ran around us, I too cringed.

I simply don’t know where or when my family will be safe. So long as our neighbours refuse to be vaccinated, this “fear of the possible” will exist. I have had to eject customers from my place of business because they apparently cannot read the signs posted saying “No vaccination No Entry”.

This is not a joke. I know of friends and neighbours who have died from this virus and have had their health damaged for a long time to come.

I don’t know what I will do when some one will again verbally assault me while I go to the bank, or make rude commentary while I stand in line at the grocery store because I wear a mask. Perhaps September will be a better month for us all.


Bradford, Ontario.

August 29, 2021.


ohdrap4 10 months ago

Quite a few writers published in this newspaper seem to exhibit post traumatic stress disorder.

You should fear the vaccinated too, they transmit Covid too.

The timourous should remain at home.


joeblow 10 months ago

... I read somewhere recently that 59% of those hospitalized in Israel were fully vaccinated! I trust this government to tell the truth about nothing! The science about covid and these "vaccines" is not settled, it is evolving. So no one should act as though they know it all! It is exhausting!


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