The Many Faces Of Brave Davis

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We must size up two men to lead the country. A doctor and a lawyer. Where they differ is on character.

The Prime Minister has advanced a poor people’s agenda that has lifted many out of not just poverty, but misery.

PLP leader Brave Davis is running hard to get away from his miserable record of doing little for poor people while always being a champion for the rich and powerful.

He sat in parliament for decades as the representative for Cat Island, the spiritual home of culture. For five of those years he was Deputy Prime Minister and, in great irony, was Minister of Works and Urban Development.

Yet it took a brave decision by Hubert Minnis to kick-start a project to get piped water into Cat Island. Water was not on Davis’ agenda.

Apparently, neither is respect for the voice of the people. He co-engineered the gambling referendum and when the voters said no, he jooked us in the eye and reversed the will of the people.

He pledged to honour the outcome of that referendum then flip-flopped. Previously he supported the equal rights referendum inside parliament then trashed it when he got outside.

Cat Islanders who only now have running water know that Brave isn’t studying them.

Bahamians don’t need to roll the dice again to know that Brave can’t be trusted.



September 1. 2021


birdiestrachan 3 months ago

Yes indeed the PM Minnis moved poor people out of poverty by increasing VAT 60% Every dollar the poor spend of which they have few the PM FNM government takes 12cents.

Just another FNM masterful liar at it again. in fact it is just plain stupid.


themessenger 3 months ago

Bodie, you bettas pay heed bey, you in imminent danger of loosing your position as Braves catch fart to Birdie.


Proguing 3 months ago

errrr remind us who introduced VAT in the first place?


bahamianson 3 months ago

Everyone.must pay to play. Every bahamian has skin in the game.


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