Pedestrian Killed In Hit-And-Run


Tribune Freeport Reporter


A male pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Abaco earlier this week, police reported  yesterday.

ASP Stephen Rolle said the accident occurred shortly after 6pm on Tuesday on Crocket Drive in Dundas Town.

According to reports, officers from Marsh Harbour Police Station received reports that a black Honda Fit vehicle with two occupants was travelling north on Cricket Drive, when the vehicle struck a male pedestrian, who was walking north along the street.

Reports are that the driver refused to stop and while travelling on Archers Hill, also collided with a white coloured vehicle. Both vehicles fled the scene before the arrival of police. EMS personnel were dispatched to the scene, where they examined the male pedestrian and found no signs of life.

 ASP Rolle said the man was later pronounced dead by a doctor.

He said investigations are continuing into the matter.


truetruebahamian 3 months ago

I wonder whether either driver had a license, or whether the automobiles have insurance or are licensed.


DDK 3 months ago

Probably not. The streets of Abaco are like the wild west. No policing to speak of, only the occasional 'check for licence' routine. Hit and runs becoming quite frequent, a very lawless island......


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