Pinder says FNM supporters harassed at poll sites


FNM candidate for Fox Hill John Pinder, pictured previously.


Tribune Staff Reporter


FREE National Movement Fox Hill candidate John Pinder claimed his supporters were “harassed” at polling sites yesterday.

While at Sandilands Primary School, he alleged the Progressive Liberal Party supporters were the only persons engaging in this behaviour.

“People who are in red T-shirts they’re coming…saying even though they got a red t-shirt (they still) trying to hand them a yellow bag,” he told The Tribune.

He pointed to a man at the school’s gate who he accused of campaigning.

“Clearly he could be there if he’s an agent but he don’t have the right to be campaigning. He supposed to be observing, not campaigning. At the end of the day, the chips will fall where they may.”

Later yesterday, Mr Pinder said the issue was resolved but gave further details about what he said took place.

“(They) would stop people in red shirts and say ‘Look here, why don’t you take this yellow bag,” he said. “After I heard it the third time, I got involved. I went to the police then the presiding officer was involved.

“I told the guys that were standing they couldn’t (campaign at) the polling station. They had to move away from the polling station. They moved away.”

Across the street from the school was Fred Mitchell, Progressive Liberal Party chairman and candidate for the area.

When asked about the former director of labour’s claims, Mr Mitchell said: “I wouldn’t comment on (what) John Pinder has to say.”


Topdude 1 year ago

This was not a free and fair election at all. When you add all these incidents up you come up with a stolen election. Totally stolen. Clearly unfair.


TalRussell 1 year ago

While at which — wing at Sandilands, — Who you say, was it that alleges, — 'Twas the new government's, prospective Voters, — Were the only persons, — Be engaging in harassing behaviour? — You just couldn't make his kind of stuff up, — Yes?


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

Seriously? You lost more than 30 seats. There was no theft here, it was a salami wave, no pun intended. It will be ironic if the "corrupt" PLP works for the people and grows the economy. We shall see...


birdiestrachan 1 year ago

IT is the FNM Government that has dropped 8 points in corruption



baclarke 1 year ago

This election was not stolen, but a was a self-inflicted slaughter. They have no one to blame but themselves. They called the snap election and so all the problems that came with it was on them, including the exclusion of persons who didn't register on time, those who didn't vote to due the risk of covid, and those who were apathetic towards the leadership and decided simply not to vote at all.


John 1 year ago

Pinder was one of the main reasons the FNM lost he lazy a$$


ohdrap4 1 year ago

His poster says he lives in Fox Hill.

Yes . In a Mansion on top of the hill complete with pool and tennis court.


TalRussell 1 year ago

Has wonder, exactly, — how many civil servants, government workers, and the — hundreds of political appointees and hires — plus the consultants, and advisors, — Just during the 2017 - 2021's, Red administration. — Who all, got special deals that allowed them to drive away in and keep the government vehicle they now own to scoot and boot about the town in.
Yes, some do their scootin' and about, in vehicles that — still have the government-issued — and insured license plates — attached?


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