UN: Cut emissions by 45 percent this decade

THE United Nations secretary general said countries must cut global carbon emissions by 45 percent this decade to ward off the worst effects of the environmental crisis.

Reacting to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report yesterday, which noted emissions must be drastically reduced, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said the “damning verdict” by scientists is evidence the world is on a fast track to climate disaster.

He said this will cause major cities to be under water; unprecedented heatwaves, terrifying storms; widespread water shortages and the extinction of a million species of plants and animals.

“This is not fiction or exaggeration. It is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies,” he said.

“We are on a pathway to global warming of more than double the 1.5-degree limit agreed in Paris. Some government and business leaders are saying one thing – but doing another. Simply put, they are lying. And the results will be catastrophic. This is a climate emergency.”

The UN official said climate scientists warn that the world is “perilously close to tipping points that could lead to cascading and irreversible climate impacts”.

He said world leaders and officials left COP26 in Glasgow with a “naïve optimism, based on new promises and commitments” but said the main problem of a growing emissions gap was all but ignored.

“The science is clear,” he continued. “To keep the 1.5-degree limit agreed in Paris within reach, we need to cut global emissions by 45 percent this decade. But current climate pledges would mean a 14 percent increase in emissions. And most major emitters are not taking the steps needed to fulfil even these inadequate promises.”

The report said global renewable energy policies must be strengthenend so the world does not surpass the 1.5 degree-Celsius threshold.

Mr Guterres said this means the world must “triple the speed of the shift to renewable energy”, which in most cases is “far cheaper” than fossil fuels.

“Today’s report comes at a time of global turbulence,” he said. “Inequalities are at unprecedented levels. The recovery from the COVID- 19 pandemic is scandalously uneven.

“Inflation is rising, and the war in Ukraine is causing food and energy prices to skyrocket.

“But increasing fossil fuel production will only make matters worse. Choices made by countries now will make or break the commitment to 1.5 degrees.

“A shift to renewables will mend our broken global energy mix and offer hope to millions of people suffering climate impacts today. Climate promises and plans must be turned into reality and action, now.

“It is time to stop burning our planet, and start investing in the abundant renewable energy all around us.”


bahamianson 3 months ago

Is our 45% the same as the united states or china?


tribanon 3 months ago

Good one! The UN has lost all credibility because it simply beats up on smaller nations and never ever speaks out against China as the most polluting nation by far on our dying planet.


carltonr61 3 months ago

The NATO nations made up of trillionaires elites has shares in lithium to replace oil and gas as a power source. Electric vehicles like household computer printers will be introduced at 65% below price. And like printers you will replace the print ink at 1000% cost of the printer. A replacement battery in some vehicles costs up to $15,000.00. Loans that gov gets demands the profiteering enterprise of battery vehicles to feet the trillionaires clan.


JohnQ 3 months ago

We have heard this before and again, and again. Remarkable that it all sounds the same.



K4C 3 months ago

I'm old enough to recall the UN saying we are about to experience GLOBAL COOLING


ColumbusPillow 3 months ago

Agree with K4C, global cooling is on its way! The UN lost its credibility when it invited a 16 year old school drop-out .with obvious mental disorders to address the General Assembly on global warming.. The message from the Secretary General lacks credibility.


tribanon 3 months ago

But we also don't need you supporting fossil fuel exploration activities in our territorial waters that pose great risk of harming our pristine environment.


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