Thank you for rescuing me

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am writing this letter in the hopes that it may be read by the wonderful, caring couple who came to my aid last Saturday night.

Last Saturday, April 23rd, I planned to attend a concert at the Convention Centre at Baha Mar. Upon arrival at what I thought was the correct location, I found that valet parking was full. As I am physically disabled, this was of concern to me. However, I had no choice but to reverse back down the hill to the Visitor’s Parking area. On driving around the parking area, which was overflowing, I knew immediately that even if I was lucky enough to find a parking space, my chance of finding my car in the dark, after the concert was fairly remote. I was eventually directed to a parking space near the main road into Baha Mar, and, with difficulty, walked up the hill to the hotel, only to be told that the Convention Centre was back the way I had come. Fortunately, a Baha Mar employee took me in a golf cart to the Convention Centre. Which incidentally did not appear to have any valet parking.

After the concert, I came out, and to my distress was completely disorientated and could not locate the area where I had left my car. While wandering around, and starting to panic, I was approached by a couple who evidently sensed my predicament and asked me if I was in distress. After telling them of my problem, they immediately insisted that I get into their truck and would not leave me until my car was found. We did eventually locate my car, to my overwhelming relief, and again, they insisted that I follow them until we got out onto the main road.

For some reason, which I can only attribute to my anxiety at the situation, I never obtained the names of that wonderful couple who came to my aid. All I know is that the lady is a teacher at St. Augustine’s College.

If any reader has any knowledge of who these wonderful people are, please pass this letter on with my sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

PS Baha Mar really do need to have more facilities for disabled persons if valet parking is not available.



April 26, 2022.


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