ART OF GRAPHIX: How effective are social media ads?

Social Media advertising is a paid advertising method that uses ads directly served to the target audience through its platforms. These ads come in various formats such as video ads, image ads, carousel, etc. Nonetheless the most popular social media platforms in are Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, and Instagram and they also has the highest number of monthly active users (MAUs).

Who’s using social media?

Gen Zs and millennials make up 68% of those using social media for product discovery. That’s not surprising, given they’re among the heaviest users of social media globally. Unlike their older counterparts, who use social media more moderately, millennials spend over 2.5 hours per day on social media, and Gen Zs spend just under 3 hours per day on various platforms.

What do consumers want from social media ads?

The key to getting clicks is relevance and personalization however understanding the difference in each generation’s preferences especially as the younger consumers want brands to be more entertaining, intelligent and relevant to their identity is important.

For instance, companies attempting to portray themselves as smart and trendy to younger social media users can focus their ads on how their brand improves their’ lives.

Moreover, one third of Gen Zs prefers brands to help them improve their skill set, and nearly one quarter say they want brands that can help improve their reputation.

For brands targeting older consumers with a message of reliability and authenticity, it’s worth considering social campaigns that focus on the personalized solutions they’re offering.

Basically, social media users say they’re more likely to purchase products online with coupons and discounts (39%), reviews from other customers (33%), loyalty points (26%), and the product with lots of “likes” or good comments (22%). These can increase the effectiveness of a social media ad.

The problem with social media algorithms

Take note that, social media apps run on algorithms which deliver relevant content to users what is most relevant to them. By and large, if you’re an avid social media user, know that your Face book posts are only seen by the friends you engage with the most consistently which also limits your reach of the ads.

How to make social media ads sell:

-Set a Goal

Before running your social media advertising campaign, ask yourself, “What’s the objective of this ad.” Do you want to get a high reach on a specific post? Or do you want to promote your business? Or do you simply want to get more traffic on your website? This helps to formulate your advertising campaign and make a relevant ad.

-Set your target audience

Decide which audience will be the most relevant for your ad, whether it’s kids, teenagers, homemakers, athletes, or any other person.

-High Quality and Eye- Catching Post

How effective is your advertising campaign if your post is absurd and irrelevant? If you’re posting pictures, ensure the resolution is high definition and delivers a message appropriate for your audience.

How to improve your social media ads

Bear in mind that consumers spend a huge portion of their day scrolling through various platforms and any strategy that does not include robust content loses out on potential customers. Take note of these three key elements to increase effectiveness for your advertising buck:

Know your audience: Younger consumers want to be entertained and authentically represented, while older audiences are more partial to ads that inform and offer special deals.

Make it frictionless: Social media’s a great way to get in front of consumers online but with great power comes great responsibility. Excessive ads that disrupt the other content on the screen, and are too personalized will work against a brand.

Inform: Offering discounts, promoting genuine reviews, and cultivating positive comments are a great way to convert social media users from curious to customers.

Bottom line, social media is a hardcore reality of the digital world. With staggering numbers representing the usage, no marketer can deny its importance. However, while social media are excellent advertising platforms, they also possess their set of challenges. As a result, understanding what the various consumers want and knowing the holistic approach to their execution is paramount. Until we meet again, fill your life with memories rather than regrets. Enjoy life and stay on top of your game.

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ABOUT COLUMNIST: Deidre M. Bastian is a professionally-trained Graphic Designer/Brand Marketing Analyst, Author and Certified Life Coach.


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