Mental health

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Loneliness casts gloom and darkness like a raging and merciless tornado.

It sucks away life’s happiness indeed.

The Heart’s barely limping through, yet we are not asking for much, all we need is truth and happiness with relief.

There are times when one feels delusional, times when one feels let down, weak and a thought to smile wiped away with only a frown appearing to all.

Lost, dazed and confused is how one feels - like one is nursing a cold like feeling that persists daily too.

We cry out to others in my mind, help me, save us. Please.

A loving touch, with a hug needed true.

Are others aware of our need, our issues, feelings and thoughts?

Like a spell is upon us, a feeling of helplessness and dread.

Words are not enough to convey our feeling,

Everything is irritating, oppressively clear.

Don’t know how much longer we can go on like this.

Please stretch out your hand and let loving charity fly.

Only in our minds eye can YOU help save OUR soul.



Ontario, Canada.

August 10, 2022.


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