‘Never stop dreaming’

ANNE Marie Davis at Atlantis yesterday for a storytime event. Photo: Moise Amisial

ANNE Marie Davis at Atlantis yesterday for a storytime event. Photo: Moise Amisial



ANNE Marie Davis, yesterday told scores of children to never stop dreaming as she took part in Storytime with the Dream North Foundation and Friends at Atlantis.

The project aims to promote literary efficacy by producing artistic media and hosting group events.

The book reading event hosted 50 children from various children’s homes in the country and featured food, entertainment and awards.

The foundation’s aim is to bridge the gap among underprivileged minorities and promote their advancement.

Mrs Davis, wife of Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, was one of the speakers for the event and offered words of encouragement to the children.

“You are all little people or young people with big dreams, I tell you the truth,” she said. “Not only are your dreams big, but they can definitely come through.

“Childhood, the stage that all of you are in now, it is the time of lots of possibilities and endless hope for your future. The dreams of a child become seeds, and if they’re nourished it will flourish and grow into a wonderful life like the beautiful flowering tree you see out there,” she also added.

Mrs Davis told the children to never stop dreaming.

“Sometimes dreams empower you to change your world. You don’t have to stay in the world you are in at the moment,” she said. “So, don’t be afraid to dream, because if you dream it, you can do it.

“Each major accomplishment in life begins as a dream, as that goes for myself as well. Even your prime minister used to dream about one day being the Prime Minister of this country.”

Mrs Davis told the youngsters to remain motivated.

Other guests included Social Services and Urban Development Minister Obie Wilchcombe.


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