Sunwing Airlines to start flights from Canada to Freeport in December


SUNWING Airlines, the largest integrated travel company in North America, has confirmed its winter plans to have flights from Canada to Freeport starting December 17, The Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation announced on Thursday.

The company is returning to The Bahamas after a two-year absence.

Following the inaugural flight, more flights will come each Saturday from both Toronto and Montreal. These flights, available for booking now, are currently scheduled through to May 1, 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper, who is the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, welcomed the resurgence of Grand Bahama as a major tourist destination.

Mr Cooper said that the airline’s return to Grand Bahama Island this holiday season speaks to the viability of the product.

“Airlift and stopover visitors are critical to the economy of Grand Bahama and this will provide a much-needed boost for the tourism economy,” Mr Cooper said. “With our plans to redevelop the airport after Hurricane Dorian ravaged it, and the transformation of the Grand Lucayan Resort, we believe the potential for Grand Bahama really is limitless.”

Grand Bahama Minister Ginger Moxey also welcomed business back to Grand Bahama after the pandemic.

“Sunwing’s return is a welcome development for Grand Bahama Island. This service is indicative of the growth of the tourism sector and signals a major step in Grand Bahama’s recovery and revitalisation,” Minister Moxey said.

She added that industry partners should look forward to more news about Grand Bahama in short order that supports confidence of an imminent turnaround.

“Visitors will get to explore and experience our island and its diverse offerings and send a distinct message to the world that Grand Bahama is indeed open for business and better than ever. We remain open to strategic partnerships and collaboration,” she said.

Sunwing is a low cost charter service based in Toronto. Sunwing flights offer direct service from airports across Canada to popular sun destinations across the US, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Sunwing offers customers exclusive deals at resorts, as well as cruise packages and seasonal domestic flight services from its many destination representatives.

The company also supports the communities where it operates through the Sunwing Foundation, a charitable initiative focused on the support and development of youth and humanitarian aid.


TalRussell 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Encouraging news Freeporters' ... including several family members are struggling keep afloat number of major businesses ... all fall knees pray with fingers crossed that ""this time ... Finally all goes as announced by Sunwing Airlines to start flights from Canada to Freeport in December 2022. .... Are there actually functioning hotel destinations** in Freeport that can accommodate Sunwing's passengers ... ― Yes?


TimesUp 1 month, 1 week ago

Do they know something we don't? Which airport will they use? Where will they stay and what will they do whilst here?


realfreethinker 1 month, 1 week ago

This is just more bullshit from Chester the jester. Nothing has changed in G.B. since the hurricane.


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