NPSA All-Star Classic at Banker’s Field Saturday night


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WITH a rekindled interest coming out of the two-year hiatus as a result of the COVID-19 pendemic, the New Providence Softball Association is eager to display its outstanding players so far this season during the All-Star Classic on Saturday night in the Banker’s Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

The ladies’ game will kick off the action at 7pm, followed by the men’s game.

All night long, according to president Dwayne Stevens, the NPSA will also hold a fun-filled Back-to-School giveaway with the assistance of Sunshine Auto.

Stevens said since starting the season in June, they saw a resurgence in the sport and although a lot of the players were not in tip-top shape, they worked their way into form during the season and are eagerly looking forward to the completion of the season in October.

“Right now, we have reached the mid-point of the season and players who normally would be a part of the All-Star game, some of them didn’t make it, but the level of play is still high,” Stevens said. “We’re happy with the core of players chosen to represent their respective teams for the All-Star game.”

The president ladies’ All-Star team will be managed by Richard Bain, coached by Shayne Albury.

Selected to play on the team are Thela Johnson- Stevens (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Diva Burrows (R&B Operators), Sophia Cartwright (University of the Bahamas Mingoes), Star Jones (University of the Bahamas Mingoes), Aaliyah Ferguson (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Rayven Bethel (University of the Bahamas Mingoes), Kendalia Turner (Johnson Lady Truckers), Eilayah Johnson (R&B Operators), Sheryl Evans (R&B Operators), Lashonda Bethel (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Iranique Roker (University of the Bahamas Mingoes), Michesia Davis (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Vanessa Sawyer (R&B Operators) and Charlene Symonette (University of the Bahamas Mingoes).

The vice president ladies’ team will be managed by Anthony Bullard and coached by Sidney ‘Bobby Baylor’ Fernander.

The players seledcted to participate are Brendia Ferguson (R&B Operators), Mia Turner (Johnson Lady Truckers), Vashawna Bastian (Black Scorpions), Dornette Edwards (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Jeanette Hilton (R&B Operators), Ciera Bowe (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Larikah Russell (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Melinda Bastian (R&B Operators), Phillisia Major (Johnson Lady Truckers), Tyriece Curry-Davis (Sunshine Auto Wildcats), Latonia McPhee (R&B Operators), Francheska McBride (R&B Operators), Brianna Knowles (R&B Operators) and Shaquel Smith (Johnson Lady Truckers).

The men’s president team will be managed by Darren Stevens and coached by Robert Gilbert.

Selected to play on the team are Martin Burrows (C&S Hitmen), Angelo Dillet (Atlantis Titans) Garfield Bethel (Cyber Tech Marlins), Natahj Miller (Renegades), Sherman Ferguson (C&S Hitmen), Tyrique Fowler (Renegades), Stephen Russell (Cyber Tech Marlins), Lavaughn Ferguson (Cyber Tech Marlins), Chedi Ferguson (Chances Mighty Mitts), Richard Bain (C&S Hitmen), Junel Bain (Chances Mighty Mitts), Lamar Watkins (Cyber Tech Marlins), Charles Major (Renegades), Anthony Fowler (Atlantis Titans), Winston Seymour (Cyber Tech Marlins) and Jerome Wright (Atlantis Titans).

The vice president team will be managed by Marcus Pratt with Daryll Dorsett as the coach.

The players selected to the team are Thomas Davis (Cyber Tech Marlins), Deon Whyte (Cyber Tech Marlins), Kenneth Curry Chances Mighty Mitts), Anthony Moss (Atlantis Titans), Chris McPhee (Chances Mighty Mitts), Cardinal Gilbert (Atlantis Titans), Marino Cartwright (Atlantis Titans), Marc Pratt (Atlantis Titans), Dino Sweeting (C&S Hitmen), Canton Chase (Atlantis Titans), Edron Knowles (C&S Hitmen), Dylan Culmer (Renegades), Rodney Forbes (C&S Hitmen), Angelo Watson (Cyber Tech Marlins), Weymond Demeritte (Chances Mighty Mitts) and Preston Clarke (Renegades).

Stevens said based on the players selected, it’s going to be an exciting night on Saturday.

“We are expecting a high, fun-filled level of competition,” Stevens said. “The whole event is about showcasing our talent and restoring the confidence of our stakeholders inside the softball community. So we are looking forward to an exciting night of competition.”

Stevens also revealed that one of their major sponsors, Sunshine Auto, is spearheading a Back-to- School giveaway for the children of the players in the league.

He noted that there will be a bouncing castle and a number of items will be given to the children in attendance.

“We just want to give back to softball,” he stated.

The league, which plays every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and at least two Sundays each month, has gotten off to a fast start and once the All- Star game is completed this weekend, Stevens said they are looking forward to the teams making a push for the playoffs.

“We’re happy with the progression that we are making as we go,” he said. “The NPSA fastpitch softball is the only fastpitch league being played throughout the country, so that’s a step in the right direction for us as an association.

“So we’re happy to see that the league is running outside of the inclement weather, which has been a challenge for us. For the most part, we’ve had a successful season so far, restoring the confidence in our players and rekindling the interest in our sponsors.”


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